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CoinMine One Review (2020) – Is It Worth Buying? My Experience After 3 Months

In this Coinmine One review, I am going to talk about my experience with not only the user experience in the last few months, but if I think it’s a viable option for crypto mining, so stay tuned for the whole article to get my scoop.

I recently wrote an in-depth article before I received the device outlining the features and selling points I perceived it to have and I still hold true to those beliefs, but there are also some changes after actually using the device that I didn’t take into consideration. It’s a good read and it can be found HERE.

But in this article, I want to focus in on specifically who this device is for? Is it what I expected? And ultimately, if I think it was worth the price of the device (Which you can receive a special discount on below if you are interested).


Who Is the CoinMine One Intended For?


This at-home crypto miner is designed for the new user to crypto that wants to start participating into mining, without having the learn all the technical intricacies that go along with it.

For instance, when I first unboxed the device and plugged it in for the first time, all I did was download the app, scan the QR code that came in the box to connect it, and within 2 minutes I was mining my first cryptocurrency.

.It was stupidly easy to setup and very easy to figure out. You can mine up to 6 different coins currently ( ZCash, Monero, Grin, Ethereum, Handshake, and Bitcoin) and can switch between them whenever you want all within the app.

Additionally, you can choose “Bitcoin” mode that will mine the most profitable coin on the app and automatically convert it on the backend into your bitcoin wallet if all you want is bitcoin at the end of the day. This is makes it easy to set it and forget it and will automatically utilize the device in the most efficient way to get bitcoin into your wallet, even though you aren’t “mining” it directly.


Is The CoinMine One Device What I Expected?


Overall, I came into this purchase understanding that this wasn’t going to be the most profitable way to mine cryptocurrency. For me, I knew this device would be easy to use, require no maintenance, and I could literally set it and forget it.

Additionally, since I’ve received the device, they’ve added a free feature that allows you to compound interest by leaving your funds in the wallet they provide you by 6.5% per month. This is a free service that is a win-win for accruing your funds faster.

Now, you can transfer your earned funds into your own wallet, once you hit the minimum withdrawal amount, but I personally don’t because I like to utilize a portion of my crypto to earn interest and have it go to work for me.

I also want to point out that this device is super quiet and does not generate almost any heat, like most mining rigs do. This is quieter and sleeker than a playstation and takes less power too. This can easily go in every kitchen, office, or bedroom (if you want a nightlight), without causing a disruption.

If your goal is to participate in mining and earn passive income without: tons of work, research, loud noises, and excessive cooling and electricity costs, you won’t be disappointed.


Is The CoinMine One Worth The Price Of $799?


At their normal price of $799, it can seem a little steep, but it will eventually pay off, because cryptocurrency is still very early.

Luckily for you, I have a special referral code for my readers so they can utilize my specific Coinmine One discount code. All you need to do is click HERE and enter code “BITCOINLOCKUP” at checkout to drop the price to only $649.99, saving you some money right away.

This is the best discount they offer, so I wouldn’t expect to find it cheaper anywhere else. At this price, it’s definitely worth it and it’s been nothing but a positive experience and with the compound interest option automatically applied, you’ll recoup your initial investment sooner than you think. There is no longer a reason to wait!

CoinMine One Conclusion


Overall, Is this device the most efficient way to mine cryptocurrency? No. Is this the path to the most profitability to participate in cryptocurrency mining? No. So why would I do it?

This is designed for people that are new to the ecosystem that want to participate in securing the network of the coin they want to support and allows them to do it easily and safely without ANY technical knowledge required. It takes more skill to setup a playstation than it does with this device.

You can use the calculator on the site to see how long it could take to break even or become profitable, but you shouldn’t expect a return within the first year. Now, it is possible to become profitable much quicker, but that ultimately depend on the overall market and price of the coin you are mining.

So, is it worth the price? That honestly depends, for me this wasn’t strictly about profitability but finding a non-technical way to quickly and easily immerse myself into the ecosystem and be apart of something better!


What do you think? Would you buy the CoinMine One? Let us know down below in the comments!




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