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D’CENT Wallet Review (2020) | The ONLY Biometric Crypto Hardware Wallet

In this review, we are going to deep-dive into the new hardware wallet by D’CENT! Does the D’CENT Wallet have a better user experience than the Ledger Nano X? Does It work with Bluetooth? How secure is this relatively new wallet? Does it provide a better hardware wallet experience than the main competitors? We are going to answer all of these questions and more in this in-depth review, so stay tuned!

If you are new to cryptocurrency hardware wallets and you want to compare which wallet is going to be best for you, you may want to check out the “Product Reviews” tab HERE.

But, since you are here for the D’CENT wallet review, let’s take a look at these details on the first biometric hardware wallet on the market. Let’s go!


D’CENT Wallet – Overview




The D’CENT is a mobile and bluetooth connected wireless hardware wallet device. With additional biometric security and the ease of use, this is a contender for the easiest to use mobile and wireless wallet. So how is it different than Ledger Nano X or other bluetooth devices? The Biometric security is a large differentiator here. It’s super convenient and makes it easy to sign and authenticate transactions on the go.

This means if you want to move your crypto from cold storage to a hot wallet, it can be done quickly and easily. A common scenario here would be if you are trying to pay a friend or you’re shopping and want to pay for a product in store very seamlessly. Let’s take a look at the security, features, and price below to go into a little more detail.



Features & Price



One of the main features I like here is the option to generate a valid QR code on the large OLED screen of this device as a way to send funds directly from your smartphone to your D’CENT wallet. This is super convenient and truly makes this a wireless and independent device that can be used on the go via the D’CENT app, which also includes a market price section and of course all of your wallets and current fiat amount stored within each one.

The PRICE is the nice part. Normally, this device is $159 USD, but for my readers, I am able to offer a special discount down to $140 (UPDATE: Until 11/28/19, You can get this device for only $106), when using code “bitcoinlockup” at checkout. This will ensure you will save some money in the process and will be more in line with the prices of other top-tier bluetooth hardware wallets.

What’s also nice, is you no longer need to backup and restore this device for firmware upgrades like you do with other devices (although you can, since this device can also support bluetooth and USB connectivity if you choose). This makes this a very convenient choice when considering the ease of use and security when choosing how to secure your private keys.






The flagship feature of D’CENT is hands down the biometric security feature of the fingerprint sensor. There are some other hardware wallets that communicate with mobile, and can utilize Face ID or Touch ID for extra authentication with their mobile app, but this gives your authentication on the physical device as well. This is a unique and very secure feature that is not used by any other hardware wallet currently on the market.

The hardware wallet features a built-in fingerprint scanner that manages access to the hardware wallet. This security process improves the convenience for the users and enhances the security during access control. It also provides the wallet with fast transaction signing.


  • Multi-IC architecture design
  • Bank grade EAL 5+ Secure Element (This is the same security chip used in the Ledger Nano X)
  • Secure OS embedded on microprocessor



Additionally, you have multiple authentication methods, with the option to have a PIN and/or fingerprint sensor to authorize changes and sign transaction, so you will 2-step authentication built in.



Coins Supported


The coin support is varied. The D’CENT can store and support Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, RSK, RRC20 (RSK tokens), Ripple (XRP), and MONACOIN. To many, this may not seem like it is very much, however, a majority of the major tokens are ERC-20 tokens and all can be supported natively on this device, which is good. I have not come across a hardware wallet yet that supports RSK and RRC20 tokens yet natively, so that definitely makes this an exclusive hardware wallet first for the D’CENT wallet!



D’CENT Wallet – Conclusion


Overall, the D’CENT has some unique coin support choices, has a quality look and feel in your hands (even though it’s made of plastic), and kind of resembles a key fob for a very high end car. It feels very nice in the hand. As mentioned above, this is the first biometric hardware wallet with a fingerprint sensor built in to the device. It supports enough coins for the average user and it always plans to add more.

This device really feels like the first flexible wireless hardware wallet that is easy to use in a quick scenario on the go and doesn’t require additional steps to update the device and access all of its features. If you are looking for something that feels good in your hand, is super secure, and is easy to use, then this might be your best option for a premium hardware wallet.



What do you think? Would you rather have use the Ledger Nano X or try this new contender for wireless security? Let us know in the comments below!




The Crypto Renegade


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CoinMama Review (2020) | The BEST Way To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card?

In this CoinMama review we are going to do a deep dive into a CoinMama and find out if it’s the best way to buy bitcoin with credit card. Are the fees high? Is it safe? What credit cards can I use to buy bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)? We are going to answer all of these questions and more in this review, stay tuned for the whole review! One of the most searched phrases right now on the internet is “How to buy bitcoin with credit card”, and for good reason. It’s the easiest way to buy bitcoin without having to share a lot personal information and having to wait 3-7 business days when verifying your bank account.

I also urge you to check out a recent article I wrote that details a handful of different ways (CoinMama included) to easily buy bitcoin if you’re new to the process and you want a no-nonsense and easy way to do this. You can find that HERE. Now, let’s get down to finding out why CoinMama was the easiest way for me to buy bitcoin with a credit card, and why I still use it today!


How Does It Work?



It’s a simple 3-step process to use this site and it took me less than 10 minutes to make my first purchase when I first used this service over 2 years ago. If you’re looking to purchase not only Bitcoin, but also ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, XRP, QTUM, and ADA in a hassle-free way, then CoinMama is the way to go. First, you register your account with basic information and gain access to the account where you can customize your purchase. Second, you can choose how much information you want to add, depending how much you want to buy in one shot.

Level 1 verification allows you up to $15,000 USD worth of BTC (or any other coin) with only a government issued ID (which is required for KYC) and as soon as you upload it, you can start buying in less than 10 minutes. The 3rd and final step is purchase the coin and amounts you want after you confirm your basic verification and it’s delivered in under 10 minutes. This process is very easy and MUCH quicker than any other exchange I’ve personally used. (Don’t even get me started on Coinbase).




How Much Does It Cost? What Are The Fees?



You can use a bank transfer (if you choose) and it will cost you less, but it will also take longer. However, the real “instant” purchase and service you’re looking for is for debit and credit cards. The fees are as follows:

Since there is no central bank controlling the bitcoin rate, each website has its own bitcoin rate. The price you see on our website is Coinmama’s bitcoin rate and includes our fee of 5.90%.

For credit/debit card transactions, the payment processor charges 5.00% additional fee. Unlike credit/debit card transactions, if you pay by bank wire there is 0.00% processing fee. The card processing fee will be added after choosing your method of payment. Apart from our fees, your bank may incur their own. If you’re not sure, contact them before placing your order.

Don’t let this turn you off, as some of the competitors that offer a similar service as CoinMama, they charge ridiculous fees and can take up to 10 days to verify and deliver your cryptocurrency. There is a price to pay for very quick delivery and most credit card companies build that fee into the cost here to mitigate some of the risks of fraud and other factors as well.

Trust me when I say, if you want to use a debit or credit card to buy bitcoin, this is your best best. Especially if you need it now.




What Countries Are Supported?


I won’t list all supported countries here as there are over 188 countries supported. Yes, that many. That is why this is one of the most trusted services in the entire industry and has a very broad reach. If you want to verify if your country is supported, you can check it out HERE. Additionally, The US has some restrictions on states, but 45 out of the 50 states are included for support. Those specific states (if you’re concerned) can be found at the link HERE.

Again, I will say, this has a much wider reach in terms of countries supported than the likes of Paxful or Coinbase. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to!




What’s Their Reputation? Is It Safe To Use?


As mentioned above, this company has been around since 2013 and has a very well received reputation and track record. I have never once had an issue with using this service, nor have I had any indication that it was fraudulent in any way. CoinMama has been selling bitcoin via debit and credit cards longer than any other service to date and was first to market in this regard. I have used them personally about 6 or 7 times and have never once thought of using another service for using a credit or debit card to purchase my cryptocurrency.


What’s The Verification Process? How Long Does It Take?



There are multiple levels of verification depending on how high of a limit you need to purchase every month, but the standard Level 1 verification only takes about 10 minutes and allows up to $15,000 USD (as mentioned above). This really applies to 99% of people and I will leave a link below if you want to understand what else is required if you want to purchase more than 15k per month. Once you’ve completed verification your bitcoin is delivered to your specified address instantly!

For further verification requirements, you can refer to this link HERE




CoinMama Review – Conclusion


Overall, if you need to get bitcoin fast and time is of the essence, then you can’t go wrong with CoinMama. Yes, if you have time to kill and you’re ok with waiting up to 10 business days and you want to provide your bank account, there are other solutions you can use, which I will link to in a future review update. But for most people that are skeptical of providing all their banking information just a save a few bucks, you won’t find better service or a better deal to buy bitcoin with a credit card than CoinMama.

There’s a reason myself and many others have used this service more than once and will continue to do so. In a world where new crypto companies are coming into existing, having a long standing track record really counts in this industry and I have no qualms about CoinMama. Yes, you can say I’m a fan, and if you decide to use this service, I am confident you will be too.


What do you think? Is there a better place to buy bitcoin with a credit card? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!




The Crypto Renegade



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SafePal S1 Review (2020) | Binance’s “Unique” Entry Level Hardware Wallet

In this review, we are going to deep dive into what makes the Safepal S1 hardware wallet unique. Why is it any better than Trezor or Ledger? Why is the price so much lower? How secure is this new and fairly unknown hardware wallet maker? Is it backed by Binance? Stay tuned for this article to get all of these questions answered and more!

This device was originally created by Binance Labs division and wanted to have a unique approach to a hardware wallet that was cheap enough for the average user, but also supported the Binance chain and added support for their internal projects. This really is a unique entry level hardware wallet, that greatly differs in terms of design, functionality, and overall user experience.

I will also link to the full reviews for the Trezor One hardware wallet, and the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, HERE and HERE, respectively for comparison. Also, if you have any questions that were not answered here, leave a comment down below and I will personally answer them for you.

Now, onto the Safepal S1 hardware wallet. Let’s go!



SafePal S1 – What Makes It Unique?



The Safepal hardware wallet is first and foremost an entry level hardware wallet competing directly with Trezor One and Ledger Nano S, in terms of pricing and functionality. However, although this wallet does not support anywhere near as many coins as the Trezor and Ledger (more on that bellow), but it’s truly a wireless, disconnected and unencumbered security device.

This device is 100% completely offline. This is not true of the two other wallets mentioned here. So how does this device work, then? Two words for you: QR Codes. The device has a camera installed on the back and has a 1.3 color LCD screen to verify transactions, which has the ability to display a QR code for you to make transactions directly from your smartphones mobile wallet, directly to the Safepal.

The Safepal S1 hardware wallet is built with dual chip architect. Embedded with financial grade EAL5+ crypto chip, S1 keeps your private key in top security. It has multiple layers of sensor detects any possible software or hardware attacks, and once a malicious attack is detected, the device will activate self-destroy and key-erasing mechanism, preventing anyone from stealing your money.

This is most likely why thy don’t ship the box with any anti-tampering mechanisms, much like Ledger.



What’s In The Box?



This device has everything you need to get setup right out of the box (minus the Safepal App for your smartphone). Recovery seed cards, user manual, stickers, and more.

• SafePal S1
• User Manual
• USB Cable (Charging Only)
• Mnemonic Recovery Card (x3)
• SafePal Stickers (x2)
• Cleaning Cloth

There isn’t anything else you need, except either a charging adapter, or your computer to power up your device on the only button on the side of the device. However, my device came with a little juice already on it when I pulled it out of the box.


Features & Price



This can be considered one of the most attractive features of the device as it’s only $39.99 for this hardware wallet. Yes, you read that right. But why is it so cheap? Well, even though it looks like a very sleek and expensive device, its is made of plastic coating and a very small camera module that is used to transact at a very low resolution.l It’s obvious that they built this as cheaply as they could, while still remaining secure.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you also get what you pay for. One of the key features that sets this device apart from most other competing hardware wallets is the fact that there is NO:

  • NFC
  • USB

This gives it extra security, but it also makes it easier to use, as there are no extra devices necessary for this to operate, other than your smartphone. All you need right out of the box is a charger that supports USB-A to charge the device and a smartphone to download the Safepal App to setup and initialize the device.

Additionally, this is the first and only device to support the Binance DEX (decentralized exchange) for ERC-20 and BNB tokens for trading offline. Pretty sweet.



Coins Supported


This is the one weal point of this product is the lack of coin support, as it only supports: Bitcoin, Ether (and ERC-20 Tokens), BNB, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash. However, they have mentioned that there is Ripple (XRP) and Tron (TRX) coming very shortly. They truly are attempting to add more coins, and over time, if they don’t raise their price, this option will be a slam dunk for most users.

Additionally, I will add that the Binance Chain Coins (BEP2) tokens are also supported as this is a Binance hardware wallet after all. Below Is a full list of coins currently supported.




Safepal – Conclusion



Overall, this is a pretty solid introductory hardware wallet. It’s unique from it’s direct competitors and its simple and easy to use. As mentioned above, it has no connection weaknesses and cannot be hacked by any radio frequency or directly connected internet device. It’s truly a unique wireless hardware wallet that can be used on the go and is one of only a few hardware wallets that are “truly wireless” with no dependence on other devices. Oh, and did I mentioned it’s under $50?

There are higher quality and more durable devices that use a similar method of communication, such as the Cobo Vault and The Ellipal 2.0 (and upcoming Ellipal Titan), however those devices are much more expensive. Personally, If I mainly only wanted to secure Bitcoin, Ethereum, and only a handful of ERC-20 tokens, then I would definitely go with this device over the Ledger Nano S, or even the Trezor.

Not because the above are bad in any way (because they are not), but because for the price and no dependence on other devices, this is truly a contender for the best “entry-level” hardware wallet.



What do you think? Is there a better deal for an entry level hardware wallet? Sound off below!




The Crypto Renegade



NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that help people succeed.

COBO Tablet Review (2020) | Best “Value” Crypto Seed Backup | Only $39

In this review, we are going to deep dive into the Cobo Tablet metal recovery seed phrase backup device. How does it work? How much does it cost? Why do I need one? How is it different from CryptoTAG or CryptoSteel? I am going to answer all of these questions and more, so stick around for the full article and also for a special offer just for my readers here. So why is recovery seed backups and crypto seed storage so important? In as little words as possible, it’s a backup to your backup. And it’s only $39.00.

This device is so affordable and useful for what it actually protects, that EVERY single crypto user that holds more than $39 worth of cryptocurrency should have one. Period. This device has been thoroughly tested to withstand substantial heat, water, corrosion and other abrasive substances.


Crafted from 304-grade stainless steel, the new Cobo Tablet is corrosion-free, resistant to salt water and acids, and has a fireproof threshold ranging from 2550 to 2650 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can be sure that whatever happens your recovery seeds will be safe within.


In addition to that, it also has a design element that allows you to add a padlock for those extra paranoid that want to ensure no innocent parties who stumble upon this can use it to steal your crypto.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of metal recovery seed backups, I will link the reviews of CryptoSteel and CryptoTag ($99 and $185, respectively) HERE and HERE. This will give an in depth guide of how these devices work if you need a quick tutorial.

Let’s check out the Cobo Tablet details below!


Cobo Tablet – What’s In The Box?



Everything you need comes right in the box. All you need after you open the box, id your recovery seed card, which you will be able to safely set aflame once this is setup and installed correctly.

It comes with:

  • Cobo Tablet Stainless Steel Device
  • Screwdriver
  • Spare Screws
  • 252 Letter Tiles (Including a Few Blanks)
  • Basic Setup Guide

The tiles come in organized individually wrapped sheets that are alphabetically organized and easy to locate the letters you need to setup the device correctly. I will detail the setup process below and explain how easy it is to setup.

This process is actually a more seamless user experience than the CryptoSteel which just had scattered tiles that were all different sizes that needed to be sorted and found before you could actually install. You will not have this problem with Cobo Tablet, in fact, it took me less than half the time from start to finish to get this setup correctly.



Design & Setup



I showcase this a little bit better in the video listed down below, but here is an excerpt directly from Cobo on how the simple their product is. Here it is.

All you need to do is unscrew the plate, place the letters into the metal slots to create your recovery seed, and screw the plate back into place. No carving, etching or struggling to slide the characters into their right places. It is a very simple process that takes only a couple of minutes.


The new Cobo Tablet can support up to 24 words, but you can also use 12 or 18 depending on the length of your recovery seed. It is crafted in such a way that each word can hold only up to four letters. Obviously, you will use words that are longer, so you must be curious to know the reason behind this.

This product is made of the utmost quality. When I first pulled it out of the box, it felt really robust and solid. It didn’t feel cheap and/or flimsy and it gave off the first impression of being a stable and good quality product. I will also be doing a second video shortly that will detail the full tutorial and explain how to set this product up right out of the box (although you probably don’t need it, it’s super easy to figure out).



Who Is This For?



I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you have more than $39 or more worth of cryptocurrency, you need this product. Why? If something happened to your software or hardware wallet, could you afford that loss? Most people that take their crypto seriously will most certainly say no, so you need to ensure you have a backup of your backup. This is a VERY affordable product that serves a very valuable purpose. It needs no further explanation.



Cobo Tablet – Conclusion



Honestly, I liked this device better than the CryptoSteel and Bill Fodl. Why? Well, in addition to the price point which is less than half of both of these devices, I found the overall quality and user experience to be better. It took me much less time to setup, it came with everything neat and organized, and there wasn’t any need for the instruction booklet as it was pretty straight-forward. Now, I am not saying these other device are bad, because they aren’t at all.

When it came down to factoring in price, quality, ease-of-use, and overall impression, the Cobo Tablet won in all of those categories. I will say, however, that it didn’t beat the CryptoTAG. That device is a HODL’ers dream, as it comes in titanium, and you can use a freakin’ hammer to engrave your own seed (which was awesome and very satisfying to do by the way).

With that said, I could buy 7 Cobo Tablets for the price of one CryptoTag. The value is honestly unbeatable, and the quality felt comparable to the CryptoTAG, with the exception of the type of metal and the actual setup process.

If you don’t have ANY metal recovery seed backup, it’s essential. You need one. It’s honestly not optional at this point. If you can’t afford to lose your crypto, you can’t afford NOT to have one of these devices.


What do you think? Do you currently have a metal recovery seed backup for your software/hardware wallets? Let me know in the comments below!




The Crypto Renegade



NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that help people succeed.


Lolli Review (2020) | Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online NOW!

In this Lolli review, we are going to deep dive into what the Lolli App is how it works? How hard is it to use? Can I really earn free bitcoin? Is it worth my time? How does it all work? Luckily, we are going to address all of these questions and MORE in this review, so sit tight and learn why this revolutionary app can help you accumulate free bitcoin for what you are already doing anyways!

This review will go into how to shop online and earn free bitcoin, but there is also another app I’ve been using recently that explains a free app where you can earn free bitcoin while shopping in major stores in person as well. This is called the Life Info App, and you can read my in-depth review of that HERE.

Let’s get right to Lolli!



How Does It Work?



I’m sure you’ve heard of “Cash Back Rewards” before, as that’s a common thing these days when shopping and using your credit card. Lolli has come up with their own version of this, but it’s MUCH more interesting (to me, anyways). It’s earning bitcoin back.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that when you shop online on over 500+ major retailers websites, you can now earn a percentage of your purchase in free bitcoin rewards back. There is a list of supported retailers, which you can find HERE.

These stores vary in terms of what percentage of bitcoin they will give back as a reward, but it typically ranges anywhere from 10-15% and includes major retailers, like Groupon, Best Buy, Marriot, Sam’s Club, GoDaddy, and even Walmart.

As a privacy advocate, I will share a secret of the largest discount I have found yet at a whopping 37.5% bitcoin back and it’s for a trusted VPN service, called PureVPN. Use this link HERE to get not only a special discount for my readers, but the chance to get the largest discount I have yet to find (and I’ve tested this out on hundreds of sites).




Lolli Extension + Wallet



The Lolli Chrome extension is the most common way people interact with Lolli, and it also includes a bitcoin wallet built in. Once you accumulate at least 15$ worth of bitcoin, you can then transfer it to your mobile wallet, or what we recommend, a hardware wallet to store you new bitcoin earnings offline, while keeping your private keys secure.

Here are the steps to download the wallet (you can also watch the review/walkthrough video below) if that’s easier for you.

  1. Download the Google Chrome Extension HERE. You can also download the FireFox extension and Safari Browser extensions, HERE and HERE, respectively.
  2. Once you download and activate the extensions, it will walk you through registering an account with your email and walks you through how to use it, but its very simple. Once you open a website that is supported by Lolli, it will automatically notify you in the top right corner of your browser, much like a small pop-up ad.
  3. Start shopping. You can simply navigate to any website you normally would and if it’s partnered with Lolli, it will notify you and as long as you are logged in with your account credentials, you will receive a bitcoin rewards immediately after the purchase has been processed.



Why Should I Use It?


If you are new to Bitcoin (and those of you who aren’t) should know that accumulating bitcoin can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Any edge and any advantage to accumulate bitcoin for free (especially by doing things that you’re already doing, like shopping online) is a win-win.

Bitcoin is the new currency of the future. Even people that hate it know that it’s inevitable and cryptocurrency is here to stay. As of this writing, Bitcoin is going for about $9,700 per bitcoin, so this allows you to start accumulating this digital currency over time and allows you to spend, save, and even cash out into fiat if you’re so inclined.

Even if you don’t care about bitcoin, this is basically a freebie. You don’t have to buy anything special, or have a minimal spending amount to use this. It either works with the entire retailer or it doesn’t. They will be adding more and more retailers as time goes on, and there is a rumor that Amazon will be added very soon.

When you download and activate this LINK, we both will receive 10$ worth of BITCOIN FOR FREE with your first purchase. No minimums. Additionally, once you sign up, you will receive your own referral link that you can share with friends, family, or any followers, and the same will apply to you. Very cool.


What Retailers Are Accepted?



As I mentioned above, there is over 500+ retailers that are currently supported and counting. This list is constantly growing, but a few examples include: Groupon, Best Buy, Marriot, Sam’s Club, GoDaddy, and even Walmart.

You can get a full list of retailers and their respective discounts by visiting this page HERE.

Additionally, you will automatically be notified on any website that may not be listed on that page by popping up when you visit the site. However, the above link is primarily up to date at all times.



Lolli Review – Conclusion


Ultimately, Lolli is an amazing product. There are very few programs that make it easy to earn bitcoin at all, let alone get it for free. There is no doubt that as the crypto-ecosystem inevitably grows, there will be plenty of bitcoin rewards and bitcoin cash back type of programs, but this is an amazing start.

As the price goes up and and the overall bitcoin supply goes down, this will become more important than ever. Currently, 85% of the total bitcoin supply is in circulation. Once it is all mined, even if every single millionaire on the planet wanted to obtain just ONE bitcoin, they won’t be able to. There just isn’t enough supply. This scarcity is a strong dynamic of supply and demand and will ultimately dictate the price.

Right now, this the BEST tool to earn free bitcoin on items you are already purchasing online. If you also want to earn bitcoin while shopping in stores as well, check out the review I mentioned in the first paragraph to use the Life Info App to start earning it as well.

Don’t get left behind on this revolution. We are still “early” but as more and more awareness is brought to the table, the harder it will be to get bitcoin at all. Download the FREE Lolli Extension below now.



What do you think? Is there a better tool for earning free bitcoin while shopping online? Let us know down in the comments!




The Crypto Renegade


NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that help people succeed.

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