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Celsius Network Review (2020) | Earn MASSIVE Compound Interest On Your Crypto!

What is Celsius Network?


Celsius Network lets you earn interest on your crypto and instantly borrow against it. No fees ever.


Celsius Network Review| Is It Worth Investing in Celsius Network? When Bitcoin struck the scene and also came to a head for the majority of 2016 and also 2017, it really did not take a wish for it come to be the de facto face of Cryptocurrency. It did get to much, and also vast and also brand-new coins were developed left and also right as choices, yet Bitcoin stood and also international banks battled to adapt. Apps were developed to lead customers as just how to construct and also shield their gains and also below’s one for the books. Ladies and also gents, below a thorough testimonial of CELSIUS NETWORK.

Please Note: Please consult your specialist economic, financial investment, and also tax obligation consultants prior to making any kind of financial investment in cryptocurrency. This web content does not give financial investment or economic suggestions and also does not recommend or advise financial investment in any kind of cryptocurrency marketed on the website.



Just How Do I Get Started With Celsius Network?


Celsius Network – the assurance of a brand-new means to gain, obtain, and also pay on the blockchain. Un-banking Yourself. What does it actually mean? Celsius Network was a task to topple typical financial criteria (by out defeating them in every action of the means by utilizing cryptocurrency. A typical financial institution permits customers to shop and also conserve right into their accounts with really little passion and also absorb financings useful to them.With Celsius Network, they do vice versa.


Just How Much Can I Earn With Celsius Network?



Their version is to hand out high rates of interest for any kind of security you spend and also hand out practical and also reduced prices as soon as you obtain financings for yourself.They usage this to approach for rapid development of the brand name, gain focus and also fostering and also topple financial institutions.

They were released last July 2014. It is kept in mind that it was released in the center of Crypto Winter. However, they took care of to do over $1.2 B in coin financings with a document biggest solitary financing of $5,000,000.

Besides, it additionally has an App for iphone and also Android customers and also it additionally assures that it functions under the most effective passion of its obtaining community.If you are a hodler, might too make use of the application and also gain in addition to your hodling. Who runs Celsius Network? Celsius Network was the creation of one, Alex Mashinsky and also his group.



If the name calls a bell to you, he’s the leader of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Actually, Alex Mashinsky is the male that made voice telephone calls cost-free (or less costly for that issue). He brought it online which we currently make use of for various messaging applications. Remember just how that began and also its existing usage?

With this, he brings the very same assurance regarding just how you’ll construct and also handle your properties. Celsius Network disclosed to the general public that they contend the very least $122,000,000 in cryptocurrency and also you can spend and also capitalize on the prices they’re giving utilizing your coins. Most notably, these rates of interest are paradise contrasted to what financial institutions supply. To be honest, it’s also excellent to be true. So, is there a catch? The solution is a large fat NO!

With the high rates of interest, there is no lock-up duration once you spend.



You can take security anytime and also anywhere.

There are no surprise costs and also fines consisted of with the solution. No liquidation and also no foreclosure of finances. 100%. Payments appear every Monday nonetheless it does not substance. You can begin your day on an excellent note and also already they are paid in-kind. That merely suggests if you spent BTC, you’ll obtain BTC so on etc. In the future, customers will certainly additionally have the ability to pick CEL (Celsius Token) as a far better payment price and also even more of that later.

Interests will certainly be transferred straight on the application and also there would certainly be no minimum or optimum down payments and also withdrawals. Nonetheless there would certainly be a withdrawal restriction of $20,000.



Merely e-mail them at [email protected] and also you need to obtain your cash within 24 hrs.


Below are the coins you can earn passive income on and their current rates!


Here are the features:


  • DEPOSIT CRYPOCURRENCY IN THE CELSIUS WALLET: Users will certainly have the alternative to gain their once a week passion making use of CEL symbols and also they can obtain approximately 40% even more passion for their non-CEL deposits.
  • LOWER INTEREST RATE FOR LOANS and also COIN LOANS: Users paying their finances making use of CEL symbols would certainly have a price cut of approximately 20% on all their passion settlement; might it be for cash money or coin loans.
  • CELPAY CASHBACK: By doing CelPay purchases, customers will certainly have the ability to obtain 1-2% in kind cashback on CEL CELPAY purchases monthly.
  • AVAILABILITY: There would certainly be an unique line for CEL Token customers as they’ll be positioning buck finances demands relying on customers that have the highest possible CEL equilibrium and also HODL ratio.
  • PREMIUM SERVICES: With the CEL Token experience, the system will certainly pick and also straight influence the passion you’ve obtained with the purchase done. You will certainly additionally be compensated with advantages such as invite to occasion, consumer assistance hotline and also meet-and-greets with the large employers and also possibly Alex himself. Trendy, right?CEL PAY permits you to obtain fostering.



It’s a very easy means to send out cash to somebody else via crypto.

Celsius Network gives you with a means reduced passion that what you see with your bank card and also banks!Moreover, they do have a finance calculator whereby the Loan-to-Value Ration relies on the security and also rates of interest you can pick. Below’s a fast formula for it. Is it better than Blockfi?



Celsius Network: Final Verdict

It offers you the assurance control of your coins anytime, anywhere.It offers you convenience when it involves finance monitoring which is massive plus for me.After all, studying is crucial for buying this endeavor and also looking by the accounts of the owner and also their counterparts.You can watch their LinkedIn accounts on their internet site. The ordinary individual would certainly have the ability to price this as a computed risk.

Celsius Network’s user interface is great and also straightforward to make use of nonetheless CEL Token’s are not yet energetic and also in use.They do have the ingredients of a Ponzi system on the future nonetheless their reputation outweighs my sound judgment. I can truthfully claim that this is a reputable borrowing system and also once individuals start to place even more confidence with them, the earnings margins for Celsius Network’s customers will certainly provide a large smile on their faces.



What do you think? Are you going to leverage this platform to earn passive income on your crypto? Let us know in the comments below!




The Crypto Renegade


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Lolli Review (2020) | Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online NOW!

In this Lolli review, we are going to deep dive into what the Lolli App is how it works? How hard is it to use? Can I really earn free bitcoin? Is it worth my time? How does it all work? Luckily, we are going to address all of these questions and MORE in this review, so sit tight and learn why this revolutionary app can help you accumulate free bitcoin for what you are already doing anyways!

This review will go into how to shop online and earn free bitcoin, but there is also another app I’ve been using recently that explains a free app where you can earn free bitcoin while shopping in major stores in person as well. This is called the Life Info App, and you can read my in-depth review of that HERE.

Let’s get right to Lolli!



How Does It Work?



I’m sure you’ve heard of “Cash Back Rewards” before, as that’s a common thing these days when shopping and using your credit card. Lolli has come up with their own version of this, but it’s MUCH more interesting (to me, anyways). It’s earning bitcoin back.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that when you shop online on over 500+ major retailers websites, you can now earn a percentage of your purchase in free bitcoin rewards back. There is a list of supported retailers, which you can find HERE.

These stores vary in terms of what percentage of bitcoin they will give back as a reward, but it typically ranges anywhere from 10-15% and includes major retailers, like Groupon, Best Buy, Marriot, Sam’s Club, GoDaddy, and even Walmart.

As a privacy advocate, I will share a secret of the largest discount I have found yet at a whopping 37.5% bitcoin back and it’s for a trusted VPN service, called PureVPN. Use this link HERE to get not only a special discount for my readers, but the chance to get the largest discount I have yet to find (and I’ve tested this out on hundreds of sites).




Lolli Extension + Wallet



The Lolli Chrome extension is the most common way people interact with Lolli, and it also includes a bitcoin wallet built in. Once you accumulate at least 15$ worth of bitcoin, you can then transfer it to your mobile wallet, or what we recommend, a hardware wallet to store you new bitcoin earnings offline, while keeping your private keys secure.

Here are the steps to download the wallet (you can also watch the review/walkthrough video below) if that’s easier for you.

  1. Download the Google Chrome Extension HERE. You can also download the FireFox extension and Safari Browser extensions, HERE and HERE, respectively.
  2. Once you download and activate the extensions, it will walk you through registering an account with your email and walks you through how to use it, but its very simple. Once you open a website that is supported by Lolli, it will automatically notify you in the top right corner of your browser, much like a small pop-up ad.
  3. Start shopping. You can simply navigate to any website you normally would and if it’s partnered with Lolli, it will notify you and as long as you are logged in with your account credentials, you will receive a bitcoin rewards immediately after the purchase has been processed.



Why Should I Use It?


If you are new to Bitcoin (and those of you who aren’t) should know that accumulating bitcoin can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Any edge and any advantage to accumulate bitcoin for free (especially by doing things that you’re already doing, like shopping online) is a win-win.

Bitcoin is the new currency of the future. Even people that hate it know that it’s inevitable and cryptocurrency is here to stay. As of this writing, Bitcoin is going for about $9,700 per bitcoin, so this allows you to start accumulating this digital currency over time and allows you to spend, save, and even cash out into fiat if you’re so inclined.

Even if you don’t care about bitcoin, this is basically a freebie. You don’t have to buy anything special, or have a minimal spending amount to use this. It either works with the entire retailer or it doesn’t. They will be adding more and more retailers as time goes on, and there is a rumor that Amazon will be added very soon.

When you download and activate this LINK, we both will receive 10$ worth of BITCOIN FOR FREE with your first purchase. No minimums. Additionally, once you sign up, you will receive your own referral link that you can share with friends, family, or any followers, and the same will apply to you. Very cool.


What Retailers Are Accepted?



As I mentioned above, there is over 500+ retailers that are currently supported and counting. This list is constantly growing, but a few examples include: Groupon, Best Buy, Marriot, Sam’s Club, GoDaddy, and even Walmart.

You can get a full list of retailers and their respective discounts by visiting this page HERE.

Additionally, you will automatically be notified on any website that may not be listed on that page by popping up when you visit the site. However, the above link is primarily up to date at all times.



Lolli Review – Conclusion


Ultimately, Lolli is an amazing product. There are very few programs that make it easy to earn bitcoin at all, let alone get it for free. There is no doubt that as the crypto-ecosystem inevitably grows, there will be plenty of bitcoin rewards and bitcoin cash back type of programs, but this is an amazing start.

As the price goes up and and the overall bitcoin supply goes down, this will become more important than ever. Currently, 85% of the total bitcoin supply is in circulation. Once it is all mined, even if every single millionaire on the planet wanted to obtain just ONE bitcoin, they won’t be able to. There just isn’t enough supply. This scarcity is a strong dynamic of supply and demand and will ultimately dictate the price.

Right now, this the BEST tool to earn free bitcoin on items you are already purchasing online. If you also want to earn bitcoin while shopping in stores as well, check out the review I mentioned in the first paragraph to use the Life Info App to start earning it as well.

Don’t get left behind on this revolution. We are still “early” but as more and more awareness is brought to the table, the harder it will be to get bitcoin at all. Download the FREE Lolli Extension below now.



What do you think? Is there a better tool for earning free bitcoin while shopping online? Let us know down in the comments!




The Crypto Renegade


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How To Make Money With Bitcoin -|- 3 Passive Income Ideas

In this article, I am going to tell you exactly how to make money with bitcoin. Almost everyone that’s heard about bitcoin has been asked or have asked themselves: is this a good investment? When taking this question seriously, they start googling this phrase and see several articles about the price tanking and losing over 80% of it’s value in the past 18 months and so on. One of the things they probably don’t realize is what the year-over-year gains are, when looking at where it was vs. where it’s going. Yes, at it’s all-time-high it reached upwards of $20,000 in December of 2017 and have been wildly volatile ever since.

What most people don’t realize is that after that so-called “crash” is that the price of bitcoin in the first week of January of 2018 was $16,477.59, according to That is still significantly higher than the price of Bitcoin in January of 2017, which was under $1,000. I can provide numerous examples of what the price was in January of every year since the inception of this wondrous invention.

However, I understand that the average person who does not understand the technological advantages of this coin over the current legacy financial system, can remain skeptical in terms of it being a safe investment.

Although, I very strongly believe in the fundamentals of this project, I want to provide some uses that will help you generate more money from your existing bitcoin and accrue a calculated percentage increase month of over month, as well as acquire bitcoin without directly buying it from a company, like Coinbase. Here are the top 3 ways I’ve personally found success, and with a little research and understanding of this market, you can easily find a way to generate passive income (or actively) if you’re so inclined. Below are my 3 favorite methods.

How To Make Money With Bitcoin




If you are new to the scene or making money with bitcoin, you may not be aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Some are very sketchy and some have been around and been trusted, and even regulated and insured, to give you a little extra piece of mind. I have used some that have locked up and stolen my coins, and I’ve used several that I know and trust (to a degree) for several years with no problems.


***SIDE NOTE: Exchanges are a crucial component for new people onboarding into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and I understand why they are needed. However, under no circumstances do I recommend you store you private keys on exchanges for long periods of time. The best general rule of thumb is once a trade is completed, pull your private keys onto your own hardware wallet (which can be recommended and purchased through this site) and keep them there until you decide to exit a trade or re-enter into a new one.***


The above disclaimer is not meant to scare you, but more as a reminder to be vigilant of your private keys, as there have been several exchange hacks in the past 10 years. There are some “best practices” I’ve covered in a previous post, and I will be posting an updated version very soon.

Having said that, the exchange that I use very often and that I trust is called Binance. This exchange is currently the largest exchange by volume and has been trusted for several years and I feel safe using them with my trades.

I will include a link that will make it easy for you to sign up and receive some discounts on trading fees at no cost to you. Although this is my number one used exchange, there are other trusted exchanges I use such as Kucoin, Bittrex, and even Kraken (since they worked out a lot of their kinks over the past year).

The basic strategy here is to transfer your bitcoin to the exchange wallet, select an altcoin that you’ve researched, and enter a trade with an amount that you’re comfortable with. From there, set a target to you want to hit and then exit the trade back into Bitcoin. Hopefully, you will have a much larger amount than you started with. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Of course, once you complete this process, I strongly recommend you transfer your newly found Bitcoin profits onto your personal hardware wallet for safe keeping.




This one is pretty straightforward. If you are unfamiliar with what bitcoin mining is, I will leave a link right here to a post that will explain this in depth. The concept of cloud mining is that instead of buying your own hardware, graphics cards, and various components needed to assemble a rig, (not to mention the “know how” of how to properly set this up correctly) you can rent or lease a company’s hardware that will mine for you..

By doing this, you can avoid all the hassle of setup, additional costs, noise, and excessive electricity. I am currently doing this myself and have done it for several years. There is one company in particular that I use and trust and they are called Hashflare.

This company has been very responsive, trustworthy, and an otherwise pleasure to work. This has been very profitable endeavor for me over the years.

There are several other cloud mining services out there. I will not mention or suggest them in this post, because I have not personally used them. However, if you google it, you will find several references for this kind of service.

This will allow you to be apart of the “Bitcoin Minting” process, which allows you to not only contribute to securing the already unbreakable network, (which is a very noble cause) but also continues to strengthen bitcoin’s position in the marketplace with your help.




Bitcoin Loan | Blockchain Lending | BTC Loans

This feature is fairly new and I will be posting a review on the featured program here shortly, but this is a new niche that I think is going to be huge in 2019. The company in question here is known as Blockfi. You may have heard of some companies that allow you to invest your own money into crowd-funded loans with the promise of large interest payments month over month in return, such as Lending Club or Prosper.

Blockfi is one of the first (if not the first) commercially viable ways to get a cryptocurrency backed loan (using your cryptocurrency as collateral) to help you pay off credit card debt, get a new car, fix up your house, etc… This is significant, for 2 reasons: 1. Most people who invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency typically want to “HODL” (or hold) onto it for dear life. This gives people a way to leverage their assets while being able to get fiat money for other purposes.

They receive a fair interest rate to pay it back over a pre-specified period of time, and it typically isn’t subject to a comprehensive background check. 2. In most cases, if you have enough collateral, the approval process can be approved and issued in as little as 2 days, which for some people is a HUGE selling feature.

The second, and most interesting feature in my opinion, is the ability to earn compound interest on your cryptocurrency over a specific period of time, compounded monthly. This is very intriguing for a number of reasons, but I will leave a link to all the benefits and features right here, as this post has gone on pretty long so far.

The bottom line is, if you are holding bitcoin or ether for a longer period of time, this allows you to earn up to a 6.2% annual yield, just by allowing them to hold it for you and put it into an interesting bearing account. It is always a good idea to diversify your cryptocurrency and NEVER put all of your eggs in one basket. However, this is a calculated risk I have personally entered into for a portion of my holdings because I plan to hold it for a very long time anyways.


Well there you have it! These are 3 ways to make money with bitcoin and earn passive income. Please let me know what you think and if you have found any other methods that work well by commenting below!


***Disclaimer: None of the information above is intended as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. These are just my personal opinions and experiences during my own crypto journey and recommend you consult a professional before considering taking any of these actions***



The Crypto Renegade


NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that help people succeed.

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