[NEW] nGRAVE ZERO – 3-Tiered Crypto Hardware Wallet | FIRST LOOK (2020)

What’s going on guys Crypto Renegade here again with another video for you and in today’s video, I have found  another brand new hardware wallet that is coming to us that is not on a lot of people’s radar. So stay tuned, we are doing another first look, hardware wallet review video, I’ll give you my views and my takes and what makes us different from other hardware wallets that are currently on the market or even ones that are even upcoming.

Let’s check out This Ngrave Zero First Look!

So make sure you stay tuned for that before we jump into this wallet, I want to say that I do have a free ebook download that is very in depth called the top five ways to secure your cryptocurrency you can find it on my website It’s a giant orange button to download it in the top right corner, you can’t miss it. So go ahead and check it out. It’s completely free. But just wanted to mention that before we jump into the content here.

So in today’s video, we’re going to be looking at what’s called the Ngrave Zero. Now this is a brand new hardware wallet, it doesn’t have a price yet it says on the website. As you can see here, it says pre order now. But when you actually click it, it’s just on the super early early bird waitlist. So there’s no actual way to place an actual pre order, and there’s no way to find out what they’re actually going to be charging.



But I’ll give you my views as we go through it of what I think they’re going to be charging and kind of what makes this unique and a little bit different. What I’ve really liked lately is that with hardware wallets that are coming out these days are really starting to differentiate if new security details and security features and different ways of implementing the protection of your private keys, which is really interesting to me.



How Does Ngrave Zero Compare To Other Hardware Wallets?


Because back when this all started in the first hardware wallet, the Trezor came out, you know, there wasn’t that many differences between, you know, a Ledger, Trezor, or a KeepKey in terms of the functionality in terms of the security and in terms of the design. But we’re really coming into new territory here where we’re coming into a new wave of technology, and security for these hardware wallets.

So really, really exciting here stuff further ado, let’s go ahead and get started here. So this one is a as you can see in the form factor, it’s a kind of a small touchscreen tablet here. It’s 100% offline. So this is a three tiered system, which I’ll go into in just a second. But basically, this is an all in one solution for a hardware wallet.

I know that on my channel, I go into different solutions in terms of protecting your private keys. One being a hardware wallet, another being a metal recovery seed backup, to protect your recovery seed, if you ever lose your hardware wallet, that you have a safe way to implement it and restore your funds and restore your private keys.

And then there’s also software wallets, which is sort of like having a wallet in your back pocket with Fiat, which is typically used for day to day transactions. And it’s not meant for long term storage, it’s not meant for savings or anything like that.

You keep that on a software wallet that you will ultimately spend on a day to day basis, maybe a couple hundred dollars or whatever is comfortable for you. But in this case, they’ve kind of implemented an all in one solution, which is really, really nice. I haven’t seen that yet on any hardware wallets, you know, people like Trezor and Ledger, they sell bundle packs with metal recovery seed backup solutions that they can go ahead and bundle and sell it with. But in this they’re coming with an all in one solution. So I assume it’s going to be priced appropriately.

So with this Ngrave Zero here, they’re calling it the coldest wallet, okay. And there’s a reason that they’re that they’re touting that and that it’s going to be, you know, considered the coldest versus any other type of hardware wallet here. So this is a QR code based device, meaning there is going to be an app integrated with it. And I’ll get into that in just a second.



How Secure Is Ngrave Zero?


But there’s an app here, similar to the functionality of the Cobo Vault, similar to the functionality of the Ellipal Titan, and things like that, where you utilize the device to take pictures, and authorize transactions by scanning the QR codes and signing them. So it’s completely offline no Bluetooth, no USB, no cellular no Wi Fi, no other connection is completely off the grid, which is extremely nice. On this, it’s going to give you the three all in one solution wallet that I was talking about here.

I mean, it looks like it’s gonna have a decent sized touchscreen, which again, I’ve gone over in other videos and mentioned how important it is when you’re dealing with hardware wallets on a regular basis. Having a larger screen to scan QR codes to navigate to us is extremely helpful and very user friendly. Not to mention, it’s safer because it displays the Full Wallet address for you to confirm.

When you’re dealing with ledger, ledger devices or sometimes even Trezor devices, you’re going to see that it’s hard to read and verify the wallet address before you authorize and sign the transaction. So you know, again, having a larger screen makes a huge night and day difference in terms of security as well as functionality.

So what they’ve come up with here is a different kind of metal recovery seed backup. It’s complete, accidental decimal system here where it’s basically two parts. As you can see in the screen here, it has sort of a template that you overlay on top of the sheet here. And you basically line up your recovery seed phrase with the first four letters and is translated into numbers.



Okay, so what’s really, really interesting with this here is that you have the plate that where you can use the tool to puncture holes, and then you have the actual plate behind it, that’s embedded as well. And you keep these separate, because you can’t use one without the other. As you can see, the other one just has random holes placed all over it, as you can see in the background. And then there’s this sheet that goes over it, that’s the template.



What Is included in the Ngrave Zero Three-Tiered Crypto Solution?


That’s where you actually engrave your recovery seed phrase. So this gives you an extra layer of security, you basically keep the template in one location, you keep the actual metal plate location, and they only work when you put them together.

So you obviously need the template to line up the letters and line up the numbers so that you can decode your private key something that is somewhat similar to the CryptoTag Zeus, in effect that you know, you have to puncture different letters and numbers to sort of decode it. But this is the first solution where it actually overlays in a requires two pieces of the puzzle to actually make it work period.

So that’s really interesting to me. And I think it’s a really innovative approach here. So the engrave zero, that’s what they’re calling the actual physical hardware wallet device that you see here.

It comes with a state of the art security chips, true random number generator, anti tampering, it’s basically a very secure device. And ultimately, it’s it’s built in a way where it’s very hard to disassemble, and going through and trying to extract any sort of private keys, the metal solution that we just talked about is called the Ngrave Graphene or Metal recovery seed backup that we talked about made out of stainless steel plates.

You can use that to restore your private key if the hardware wallet device is ever compromised, lost, stolen, anything like that. And it’s designed, as I mentioned, to hold the template, or the sheet where here where you actually engrave it, and then the actual metal sheet in two different locations for added security.

The third solution here in this the three tier solution is the Ngrave Liquid. This is again, this is the mobile app where you actually manage sign the QR codes manage balances. Again, this is similar in effect to the Ellipal Titan, but this is where you’ll manage all your funds, your portfolio, your transactions, this is where you’ll sign on the device on the hardware wallet device itself and vice versa, to be able to send and receive transactions we just sent.



You know just signing the transactions when you do it, you can obviously receive on any QR code that you want. So you know, this is an interesting three tier system. That’s all in one, you know, I’ve always wondered why all these companies are so different. And we need all of these different solutions. You know, it’s sort of fragmented, and we need all these different solutions to really be secure.

So this is really the first company that I’ve seen that is offering a full all in one solution for metal recovery seed backup, having a mobile app dedicated for it, as well as a hardware wallet device, you know, you’ll see sometimes two out of three, but never three out of three, like I’m seeing here. So this is extremely interesting. The Ngrave Zero device itself has a really nice camera. As you can see the form factor looks different and interesting bar.



As I mentioned before, there’s no USBs there’s no networks, it’s completely air gapped. Similar to those other devices. It has the one way QR code communication, which is the safest way to do it. And then offline defenses. Again, this is where the graphene and the metal recovery seed come in.

And just sort of having those different layers of security make it not only easier to use but also more secure for you and your private keys when you’re in possession of them. So this also boasts the most advanced key generation process in the world you know, they have a state-of-the-art TRNG or true random number generator chip allows you to make sure that your private keys are generated in a secure manner.

This also does have a fingerprint sensor. So there is biometric data. This is now the third biometric hardware wallet that I’ve seen today only one of which has made it to market and that’s called the D’CENT Wallet. And if you’re interested in that, I’ll link that down below with a very special discount in partnership with my website Bitcoin in lockup calm, it also has light technology implemented.



So there’s different photon measurements of ambient light that are one of the best enhancers of randomness and strength of your secret key, which is really interesting. Haven’t heard of that before. And then the interaction here, like I mentioned, again, not to beat it with a dead horse, but it is completely offline, which in my opinion, is the most secure way to do it instead of a USB Bluetooth things like that.

You’re going to see what other different hardware wallets you know, I don’t have a referral code or anything for this because there’s just so new, you can come to the website and and that will actually allow you to join the early bird list and get the best discounts you know if this is something that you’re interested in, as far as the coin support and as far as the actual price of the device, I’m only speculating at this point, they do give a how we compare kind of white paper that goes over the different comparisons between Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, that kind of a thing.

But I wanted to say here that as far as the price of this device, because it’s an all in one solution, my best guess is this is going to be anywhere between, I would say $250 and $350. us, which is probably pretty fair for the for the amount of security and the amount of quality that you’re getting for all of these solutions built into one. So this is extremely interesting. If that is going to be the price point.

Again, I have no basis for that. I’m just guessing based on the current market right now and similar and comparable products, to kind of give you an idea of what this could cause in terms of the coins support.



They haven’t announced anything almost guarantee you that you’re going to have obviously all of your basic coins are going to have all your ERC 20 tokens, your top market cap coins, your Bitcoin, your Ethereum, your Litecoin, your Bitcoin Cash, your Stellar things of that nature. So ultimately, I don’t have a full point this I will come and do another follow up video once we get more information on this. But I’m assuming it’s going to have all your basic coins, you know, hundreds, if not thousands of ERC 20 tokens, and we’ll see if there’s any unique coins that are going to be supported by this device as time goes on.



Ngrave Zero: Conclusion


So I’m really excited to see how this turns out. Again, this is a really interesting all in one solution. And I’m going to be keeping my eye out on it and be reaching out to the founders to see if I can get a demo of the device and do an unboxing video for you.

I’m gonna go ahead and wrap that up here. If you found any value or you found this interesting in any way, please go ahead and subscribe and leave a comment down below. If you’ve come across or even heard of this hardware wall. Go ahead and comment and let me know where do you found it. I’m very interested to hear about that. I mean I dig and find these things on a regular basis.

So if you’ve already heard about it, you know through a press release or through media or anything like that I’d be interested to hear and then again, if you’re brand new to the channel, I would appreciate if you subscribe if you do like hardware wallet videos, protecting your private keys, ways to earn free Bitcoin and to just implement yourself in a really solid foundation into the crypto ecosystem. I do believe it’s the future, then go ahead and subscribe. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up here.


What do you think? Is this a hardware wallet you would buy when its available? Let me know in the comments below!





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Tezos Ledger Nano X: Why I Stake My Tezos On My Ledger Nano X (2020)

In this review, we are going to see the SAFEST way to store your tezos ledger nano x, simulatenously! Tezos is self-amending, meaning that it does not need to go through regular hard forks in order to be upgraded. Even when hard forks are agreed upon by an entire network, they can create a lot of work for developers and node operators. Tezos has a more seamless upgrade process that does not involve regularly forking the blockchain. That said, it is possible for part of the network to decide to fork Tezos indeed, this has already happened during the initial KYC controversy.

The Tezos coin (XTZ) can be obtained through a number of prominent exchanges, including Kraken and Binance. Each exchange has different trading pairs, meaning that you can purchase XTZ by spending ETH, BTC, Tether, or fiat currency.

Traditional proof-of-stake, which is used in Ethereum’s upcoming Casper protocol, allows node operators to lock up their own tokens for a chance to validate blocks and earn token rewards. This system allows an unlimited number of nodes to vie for control over block validation, and the fact that countless stakers can exist makes the model highly decentralized. Unfortunately, staking is too expensive for many basic users: even if Ethereum lowers the minimum staking amount to 32 ETH, staking will still require thousands of dollars.



Meanwhile, delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) allows users to stake their tokens in order to vote for a limited number of block producers. EOS, for example, elects only 21 block producers, all of whom are large organizations that must dedicate massive amounts of computing power. This model has come under fire for centralizing power in the hands of a few block producers.

However, delegation and voting make it possible for less wealthy users to have an indirect say over the course of the blockchain. Tezos combines these two models with its unique liquid proof-of-stake mechanism. This model allows up to 80,000 block validators or bakers to accept delegated tokens. Bakers must hold 10,000 XTZ, which is, again, thousands of dollars.

However, Tezos also allows users with smaller holdings to delegate their tokens to bakers and receive rewards in return. In other words, liquid proof-of-stake permits users to either become a full-fledged block validator or merely delegate tokens to validators. The following infographic gets into some of the specifics of the baking process, which involves unique features like a “quality assurance team” and a “bonding” or “cooldown” phase: Just like Ethereum and EOS, Tezos supports smart contracts, which are blockchain programs that can execute automatic transactions.



Tezos Ledger Nano X: How Do I Stake My Tezos On My Ledger Nano X?



Staking with Tezos (XTZ) – Earn money while holding crypto assets | Ledger Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network and, in return, holders are rewarded for their contribution. This can be compared to earning interest in a traditional bank. Tezos is a multi-purpose blockchain which uses a Proof-of-Stake protocol to secure its network. Token holders can delegate their accounts to a validator, who will be in charge of securing the network on their behalf.



Tezos Ledger Nano X: How Do I Set Up Baking Tezos On My Ledger Nano X?



The user may then earn the rewards generated minus validator’s fees. Discover Ledger Live When staking, you can earn a passive income by participating in the Tezos network via delegation. The current annual yield on Tezos is around 6%, minus a validator’s fees. You can use Staking Reward’s calculator to estimate your monthly earnings.

When you first start delegating, it will take roughly five weeks for you to receive your first rewards from your validator. After this, you can expect rewards about every 3 days. In Tezos, the current consensus mechanism is known as Liquid Proof-of-Stake (LPoS).

Token holders can delegate their validation rights to other token holders (called validators) without transferring ownership of their tokens. Contrary to other DPoS protocol, in Tezos you delegate your whole account. When delegating, your XTZ are completely liquid. You are free to move your tokens anytime as there are no freezing periods when delegating to a validator. There are no direct risks of delegating XTZ. The only risk you take is not earning the potential rewards.



How Can I Earn Passive Income With Tezos?



Carefully choose your validator to ensure quality of service and rewards. Select the Tezos account you want to delegate in Ledger Live Choose your validator (baker) by comparing estimated reward rate Verify and confirm delegation information on your Ledger hardware wallet Tezos token holders who are not interested in being a baker themselves can delegate their tokens to a validator to bake on their behalf.

When performing a delegation operation, you only send your baking rights to a validator: your XTZ stay on your wallet and remain yours. As you retain ownership of your assets, you can keep your XTZ on your hardware wallet while staking via delegation. This is the best way to keep your assets safe.

You can bake on your own by setting up a node and having at least 8.000 XTZ (8.000 XTZ is called a “roll”). Baking yourself requires you to run a Tezos node, a baker & endorser client. You should have a reliable Internet connection and high-availability servers. The more delegated funds a baker receives, the greater the chance it has to produce blocks and earn rewards.



Tezos Ledger Nano X: Final Verdict


Overall, this article gives you a high level view of how Tezos works and how you can make money by “baking” your coins to help validate transactions on the network. You can spend a lot more money and become a “baker”, however that is out of reach for most people. This is why I use my Ledger Nano X to earn passive income, WHILE keeping my private keys safe and in my possession.

Don’t be fooled and believe that you can only do this on an exchange. That is the WORST way to do this, as you are making the money, and letting them keep possession of your keys. It’s easy to setup and you don’t need ANY technical knowledge to do this. In the video above, it explains how I easily did this and how you can too.

If you own and believe in the Tezos Project, there is no reason why you should not be earning passive income while doing so, in the safest way possible. What are you waiting for? Get a Ledger Nano X now so you can safely stake your rewards and not risk leaving your private keys on on an exchange or hot wallet, where you are at risk!


Card Wallet Review (2020) | Coinfinity’s COLDEST Version Of A Hardware Wallet!

In this Card Wallet Review, I am going to dive into why this wallet if built for the coldest of cold who like to HODL!

Outside of exchanges, few cryptocurrency markets are as thriving as safekeeping. At this stage in Bitcoin’s life expectancy, trading crypto as well as keeping crypto appear to be the most prominent use situations for crypto –– in that order. Consequently, a flourishing aftermarket for crypto storage services has sprung up, both custodial as well as non-custodial, hot and cold, on the internet as well as offline.

Card Wallet from Coinfinity is the most recent product to go into the fray, offering a protected method for keeping BTC as well as ETH offline.

As the risks of keeping funds on the internet in custodial purses as well as exchanges have been highlighted with a wide variety of hacks as well as departure frauds, the freezer company has grown. From hardware purses looking like elegant thumb drives to gadgets disguised as calculators as well as charge card, the variety of methods to self-custody digital possessions seems unlimited.



So, What Is Card Wallet?


The just named Card Wallet by Coinfinity does precisely what it sounds like. On the surface, this plastic card appears like an incredibly low-tech method to store bitcoin core or ether, however its unprepossessing exterior is misleading. Peer a little closer at the credit scores card-shaped wallet as well as you’ll discover some fascinating details. There are all type of anti-counterfeiting steps at play on the Card Wallet’s service, including microprinting as well as constant color gradient methods, providing it a look much more similar to money.

The banknote-based style makes sense once you discover that Coinfinity –– Austria’s first Bitcoin business — developed this device in conjunction with the Austrian State Printing House. They’re best known for printing passports, a skill they’ve refined over the course of 200 years, and thus know a thing or two about anti-counterfeiting. The notion of forgery sounds strange in a crypto context.



After all, bitcoins are impossible to falsify. The reason why the Austrian State Printing House has gone to town on the anti-forgery techniques they’ve used is to prevent fake cards from entering circulation and to provide guarantees that the private key, which was generated offline, remains offline. The private key for the cryptocurrency address printed on the card is concealed beneath a hologram on the back. It’s accompanied by a warning not to scratch this area –– not even a little, just to test it –– as to do so would be to risk the security of your funds.

The Card Wallet is basically a modern version of the Casascius physical bitcoins that have become collector’s items today. The code printed beneath the Card Wallet’s seal can be thought of as Schrödingers key: until the moment it is observed through scratching off the protective covering, it effectively doesn’t exist. The manufacturer has no record of it.

As a result, you can send funds to the address printed on the front of the card, but you can’t retrieve them until you reveal that seal, and doing so will essentially penalize you to the tune of the $67 the Card Wallet retails for. Think of it as an extremely high BTC network fee, and use it as an incentive not to dip into the funds stored on the card, save for an emergency.

Of course, technically nothing is stored on the card: it simply holds the secret code needed to send the bitcoin from the address in which it is currently locked on the BTC network to a new address on the network. To all intents and purposes, though, Card Wallet might as well physically hold those coins, since without it to hand, you’ll never be able to move those coins again.



How Is Card Wallet Different Than A Normal Hardware Wallet Like Trezor Or Ledger?



Unlike a hardware wallet, there’s nothing to power up or plug in here, but that doesn’t mean that testing the Card Wallet is an entirely analog experience. There is, after all, the QR code printed on the wallet, which, when scanned, reads the BTC address printed along the center. In testing, I scan the code using the Wallet and am prompted to select the amount of BTC I wish to send.



When I drag the slider, the funds are released and that’s it: the first satoshis prepare to wing their way to my Card Wallet. When the time comes to move or sell that bitcoin, I will remove the security seal and import the private key that’s revealed underneath into a noncustodial wallet such as Electrum.

In theory, you could continue to use the wallet address securely, even with the seal scratched off, provided you destroyed the exposed private key. There would be little advantage to doing so, however, and it makes sense to view the wallet as compromised once the key has been revealed.



Is The Card Wallet Secure?


On the reverse of the card, there’s another QR code that can be scanned, marked Chainlockcode (CLC). This requires installation of a dedicated mobile app, which will display the balance of the card –– and of any other Card Wallets you wish to integrate into it –– allowing you to manage all your cards within one app without revealing their private keys.

Most people are unlikely to need this, since typing the wallet address into a block explorer achieves the same result, but if you’re a serial Card Wallet collector, it might prove useful While Coinfinity doesn’t support BCH at this time, bitcoin cash holders have the option of generating their own paper wallets, which can be printed at home.



Card Wallet: Final Verdict


This theoretically provides the same security guarantees, and with the wallet folded and sealed correctly, it is effectively tamper-proof, albeit without the same allure as Card Wallet’s impressive shiny hologram. Cold storing cryptocurrency isn’t about showing off, however, and the winning wallet is the one that keeps your funds the safest. Some bitcoiners will balk at paying $67, in the Card Wallet, for a cold storage solution they could roughly replicate at home for the cost of a sheet of printer paper.

Others will appreciate the imperviousness of the Coinfinity card, its convenient credit card shape, and its superior tamper-proof seal. As such, its value is really in the eyes of the beholder. For the same price you could pick up a basic hardware wallet, which will allow you to send, receive, and store a range of cryptocurrencies.

That said, there’s something magical about the seal on the Coinfinity that challenges you not to sully it, but rather to sporadically send funds to it, building up your nest egg over time.



What are your thoughts on Coinfinity’s Card Wallet– would you use it? Let us know in the comments section below.





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Travala Review (2020) | Is Dead, Start Spending Crypto On Traveling EASILY!

What Is Travala?


Meet Travala, The Blockchain Booking Solution. Travel is one of life’s great pleasures, but it’s hardly an inexpensive one. Bookings providers make bank from unwary travelers, and finding the right price can be a matter of luck rather than skill. Or, if you prefer AirBnB, you’ve got those hidden cleaning fees –– the main purpose of which seems to be to clean your pockets. Fortunately, one company is offering a crypto solution to the traveler’s troubles. Travala is a next-generation online travel agency (NOTA) whose booking platform combines decentralized technologies and tokenized incentives.

Using blockchain technology, Travala offers the travel industry cost efficiencies, a secure payment platform, and an easy-to-implement loyalty rewards program. Travala (formerly known as Concierge) concluded its initial coin offering in April of 2018, raising around US $2.6 million in funds. Since then, Travala has seen dramatic growth in its partnerships with hotel providers and aggregators. The platform currently offers access to more than 565,000 properties across 210 countries.







According to CEO Matt Luczynski, Travala is on average 15% cheaper than mainstream competitors like Travelocity or Via Travala offers services similar to those of current travel booking platforms. From user experience, it appears as if the company is already delivering the functions outlined during the ICO.User Experience. While this author hasn’t yet booked any hotel offerings through the Travala, there are plenty of reviews from those who have.

One frequent traveler used the Travala platform to book a stay in a room that was “spacious by Hong Kong standards. The author says “Travala packaged everything up nicely, all-inclusive price and you could see exactly what you were paying.” The review also includes a cost comparison between Travala and, highlighting the transparency on taxes and final costs.





How Does Travala Compare To Other Top-Rated Travel Sites?



Another user, by the handle Xen, recounted the step-by-step process of booking a stay for two in Brisbane, Australia. According to Xen, “The price was around 15% cheaper than,”  a difference of about US $100. Xen’s articles demonstrate the search, payment, and check-in process, as well as the process of sending AVA tokens from a Neon Wallet to pay for the trip. Travala also offers a detailed outline of the transfer and payment process. In addition to NEO or AVA, travelers can choose from more than 40 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, BNB, Zcash, or even Dogecoin.

Travala Payment Options: Users also can pay via Pay Pal, which in turn accepts Visa, Mastercard, and other credit rating cards.The AVA Token Use CasesThe Travala platform offers AVA rewards to users who “Help grow the platform through authentic reviews and other content.” This incentive aims to offer a genuine review system for customers as they shop.Users have access to an additional 10% in savings through a combination of the SMART discount and loyalty program. The program has tiered layers, with growing rewards according to the number of AVA coins staked in the users’ wallet.

Users can also collect rewards by referring new members to the platform. In addition, all refunds are given in AVA tokens, regardless of the original currency of payment. For rewards, Travala distributes its native token (AVA) based on the exchange value of the token on the day of the payment.






Is Travala The Only Crypto-Focused Travel Company?



Travala isn’t the only blockchain startup looking to corner the travel industry.

Lock Trip is a hotel and vacation home rental platform, that is currently in beta version. The service aims to take 0% commissions on bookings” and offers access to more than 100,000 hotels. Prices are listed in the native LOC token, and according to CEO Nikola Alexandrov, their prices are so competitive they  are not allowed to display them publicly.

Beyond a travel booking platform, Lock Trip also offers an open-source distributed database as a  turnkey solution for marketplaces to source inventory easily. Similar projects include Winding Tree, which offers the  open source infrastructure for travel inventory distribution. Suppliers can distribute their inventory directly to points of sale, and buyers can access stock from a solitary system without any fees.Looking forwardIn January of 2019, Luczynski revealed an extra fundraising round.





Rather than a coin offering, the business will certainly hold a standard equity-based Series A round, together with crowdfunding. 95% of offered equity would certainly be designated with Series A, with the staying 5% to be dispersed with the crowdfund. The increased funding will certainly be utilized for speeding up development tremendously to include even more individuals as well as reservations to the system. The Travala system is presently a functional as well as online item with a smooth interface, smooth individual experience, as well as the capability to pay with fiat or several cryptocurrencies.





The system has actually expanded instead swiftly in its very first year of procedure as well as looks for to proceed that development with a funding shot of financing. The writer purchases electronic possessions, that includes Zcash as well as Bitcoin pointed out in this article.



Travala Review: Final Verdict

Overall, my experience was actually really good. It was fun to be actually use my crypto in a real world scenario, and also earn more crypto at the same time. I am starting to see the real world economics and incentives that cryptocurrency can provide and legacy financial system will soon face a reckoning! If you are looking for new solutions to not only save money, but easily spend your crypto for travel or other services, then you need to look no further!

The info on this web site goes through changed without notification. Some or every one of the info on this web site might end up being out-of-date, or it might be or end up being insufficient or unreliable. We may, however are not bound to, upgrade any type of out-of-date, insufficient, or unreliable information.

You must never ever make a financial investment choice on an ICO, IEO, or various other financial investment based upon the info on this web site, as well as you must never ever translate or otherwise count on any one of the info on this web site as financial investment recommendations.

We highly suggest that you seek advice from an accredited financial investment consultant or various other certified monetary expert if you are looking for financial investment recommendations on an ICO, IEO, or various other financial investment. We do decline payment in any type of type for examining or reporting on any type of ICO, IEO, cryptocurrency, currency, tokenized sales, safeties, or commodities. See complete terms.



What do you think? Will you ever spend your cryptocurrency on travel and save? Let us know in the comments below!





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CryptoTrader.Tax Review (2020) | Don’t Let The IRS Steal Your Crypto! (Discount Below)

CryptoTrader.Tax Review – A Detailed Look At This Crypto Tax Reporting Platform Crypto tax coverage can be a difficult and also taxing procedure, with individuals generally making purchases throughout numerous various systems and also complication over crypto tax policies.Nonetheless, it’s critical that individuals obtain their tax obligations done promptly to stay clear of fines and also future effects. When finishing their crypto tax obligations, individuals have a couple of various alternatives readily available to them.

Now, as you know, I believe that taxation is theft. I do not believe that my money spent (crypto or otherwise) should be paid to the government so they can piss it away and give to someone who isn’t willing to create a life for themselves. Having said that, we all know that taxes are unavoidable (for now) and to continue to run a business and maintain any semblance of order in this world, It’s better to correctly calculate your own taxes via this tool, as opposed to letting the government do them for you.

In fact, they don’t even know what their own regulations and rules are, as they left open to interpretation. I am telling you, do this for our own good!



What Is CryptoTrader.Tax And Why Do I Need It?



These consist of computing and also submitting their tax obligations themselves working with an accounting professional or making use of a specialized crypto tax reporting system One such crypto tax reporting system is CryptoTrader Tax which defines itself as the most convenient and also most trusted means to prepare your cryptocurrency tax obligations To figure out if it meets these cases I examined out the system and also have actually given a comprehensive testimonial for our viewers listed below Import Your Trades From Any Exchange.

One of the intricacies of attempting to compute your crypto tax obligations alone is taking care of the substantial quantity of purchases made throughout numerous crypto exchanges. A buck worth for each and every profession have to be developed in order to compute any kind of gains or losses properly.

Therefore when managing a great deal of professions this comes to be a lengthy and also laborious job with mistakes usually made CryptoTrader Tax permits you to promptly import your professions from any kind of exchange by either making use of the API import device or posting your profession background documents.



CryptoTrader.Tax vs. CoinTracking: Which Is Better?




This will certainly allow you to successfully take care of every one of your trading information on one specialized tax platform. Also, when you post your professions, CryptoTrader.Tax instantly develops a reasonable market price and also price basis for them making use of historic information. This substantially raises the rate of computing your tax obligations and also dramatically minimizes the threat of errors.

On top of your profession information, you can additionally include various other crypto revenue from points like airdrops, presents, and also mining. Generating a Tax ReportAfter importing every one of your information, you after that examine your professions prior to creating your record.





For each and every tax year, CryptoTrader.Tax creates an Audit Trail Report, Cryptocurrency Income Report, Short & & Long Term Sales Report, IRS Form 8949, and also an End of Year Positions Report.Generating Tax ReportCryptoTrader.Tax sustains the FIFO, LIFO, and also HIFO accountancy approaches, indicating individuals from nearly throughout the globe can utilize this system for their cryptocurrency tax obligations.

Customers can additionally have their gains and also losses computed in any kind of vs fiat money When price computing your tax obligations CryptoTrader Tax makes use of the very same approaches that tax specialists make use of.

It makes sure that you are paying the right quantity and also not paying too much on your tax obligations. CryptoTrader.Tax has integrated tax-loss harvesting devices to aid you minimize and also counter your resources gains.The system additionally permits you to import your resources gains and also losses straight right into the online or desktop computer variations of TurboTax and also various other tax systems.


Is CryptoTrader.Tax Compliant With The IRS?



CryptoTrader.Tax is Level 1 PCI certified and also makes use of SSL security to make sure that your information on the system is secure.CryptoTrader.Tax PricingCryptoTrader.Tax costs for records as a single settlement per tax period. It has a tiered rates framework in position indicating the even more professions you made throughout the tax period the a lot more you pay this permits those with a handful of professions to pay a marginal quantity and also also for those that call for the vs Unrestricted rate the rates is still really affordable.

When you have actually acquired a record, you can make unrestricted alterations to it for that year. CryptoTrader.Tax’s rates alternatives are as adheres to: CryptoTrader.Tax Pricing Plans Users can spend for CryptoTrader.Tax making use of a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit/debit card. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that you just need to spend for CryptoTrader.Tax when you prepare to create your tax record.



This indicates you can develop an account, import your information, and also examine your purchases for free.


Note: If you require records for 2017 or in the past, you can obtain a 15% price cut off the regular record price.



CryptoTrader.Tax Final Verdict


CryptoTrader.Tax uses a complete money-back warranty on any kind of acquisitions. That indicates if you are not pleased with your record you can obtain a complete repayment as long as you request it within days of acquiring How to Create an AccountIt s fast and also very easy to vs develop an account at CryptoTrader Tax with the alternative to develop either an Individual Account or a Tax Professional Account. To develop an Individual Account, customers merely require to include an e-mail address and also develop a password.

Tax specialists require to supply their name e-mail and also develop a password CryptoTrader Tax Signing up for an Individual AccountThis procedure takes secs and also when you have actually developed your account price you can promptly begin incorporating the exchanges you make use of publishing your information and also making use of the systems various devices.



You do not require to supply any kind of bank card or settlement information when developing an account OverviewCryptoTrader Tax permits any individual to conveniently take care of price and also compute their crypto tax obligations at an affordable rate. What can take hrs or perhaps days can be carried out in mins on the CryptoTrader.Tax system.



Is CryptoTrade.Tax Legit?


In addition to that, CryptoTrader.Tax makes sure that your Bitcoin tax record is exact and also certified, alleviating the threat of blunders and also paying too much on your crypto taxes. CryptoTrader.Tax Overview. CryptoTrader.Tax’s CEO David Kemmerer was also a visitor on Anthony Pompliano’s ‘Off the Chain’ podcast, where he went over the intricacies of cryptocurrency tax obligations. For those that want to pay attention to this meeting, you can locate it here.

If, at any kind of factor, a customer requires help throughout the tax reporting procedure, CryptoTrader.Tax has a specialist assistance group in position that will certainly obtain your questions solved swiftly. Generally, CryptoTrader.Tax is an exceptional selection for both people and also tax specialists that are seeking to make the tax reporting procedure a lot more reliable.



What do you think? Is there a better tax tracking software for Crypto taxes out there? Let us know in the comments below!





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Celsius Network Review (2020) | Earn MASSIVE Compound Interest On Your Crypto!

What is Celsius Network?


Celsius Network lets you earn interest on your crypto and instantly borrow against it. No fees ever.


Celsius Network Review| Is It Worth Investing in Celsius Network? When Bitcoin struck the scene and also came to a head for the majority of 2016 and also 2017, it really did not take a wish for it come to be the de facto face of Cryptocurrency. It did get to much, and also vast and also brand-new coins were developed left and also right as choices, yet Bitcoin stood and also international banks battled to adapt. Apps were developed to lead customers as just how to construct and also shield their gains and also below’s one for the books. Ladies and also gents, below a thorough testimonial of CELSIUS NETWORK.

Please Note: Please consult your specialist economic, financial investment, and also tax obligation consultants prior to making any kind of financial investment in cryptocurrency. This web content does not give financial investment or economic suggestions and also does not recommend or advise financial investment in any kind of cryptocurrency marketed on the website.



Just How Do I Get Started With Celsius Network?


Celsius Network – the assurance of a brand-new means to gain, obtain, and also pay on the blockchain. Un-banking Yourself. What does it actually mean? Celsius Network was a task to topple typical financial criteria (by out defeating them in every action of the means by utilizing cryptocurrency. A typical financial institution permits customers to shop and also conserve right into their accounts with really little passion and also absorb financings useful to them.With Celsius Network, they do vice versa.


Just How Much Can I Earn With Celsius Network?



Their version is to hand out high rates of interest for any kind of security you spend and also hand out practical and also reduced prices as soon as you obtain financings for yourself.They usage this to approach for rapid development of the brand name, gain focus and also fostering and also topple financial institutions.

They were released last July 2014. It is kept in mind that it was released in the center of Crypto Winter. However, they took care of to do over $1.2 B in coin financings with a document biggest solitary financing of $5,000,000.

Besides, it additionally has an App for iphone and also Android customers and also it additionally assures that it functions under the most effective passion of its obtaining community.If you are a hodler, might too make use of the application and also gain in addition to your hodling. Who runs Celsius Network? Celsius Network was the creation of one, Alex Mashinsky and also his group.



If the name calls a bell to you, he’s the leader of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Actually, Alex Mashinsky is the male that made voice telephone calls cost-free (or less costly for that issue). He brought it online which we currently make use of for various messaging applications. Remember just how that began and also its existing usage?

With this, he brings the very same assurance regarding just how you’ll construct and also handle your properties. Celsius Network disclosed to the general public that they contend the very least $122,000,000 in cryptocurrency and also you can spend and also capitalize on the prices they’re giving utilizing your coins. Most notably, these rates of interest are paradise contrasted to what financial institutions supply. To be honest, it’s also excellent to be true. So, is there a catch? The solution is a large fat NO!

With the high rates of interest, there is no lock-up duration once you spend.



You can take security anytime and also anywhere.

There are no surprise costs and also fines consisted of with the solution. No liquidation and also no foreclosure of finances. 100%. Payments appear every Monday nonetheless it does not substance. You can begin your day on an excellent note and also already they are paid in-kind. That merely suggests if you spent BTC, you’ll obtain BTC so on etc. In the future, customers will certainly additionally have the ability to pick CEL (Celsius Token) as a far better payment price and also even more of that later.

Interests will certainly be transferred straight on the application and also there would certainly be no minimum or optimum down payments and also withdrawals. Nonetheless there would certainly be a withdrawal restriction of $20,000.



Merely e-mail them at [email protected] and also you need to obtain your cash within 24 hrs.


Below are the coins you can earn passive income on and their current rates!


Here are the features:


  • DEPOSIT CRYPOCURRENCY IN THE CELSIUS WALLET: Users will certainly have the alternative to gain their once a week passion making use of CEL symbols and also they can obtain approximately 40% even more passion for their non-CEL deposits.
  • LOWER INTEREST RATE FOR LOANS and also COIN LOANS: Users paying their finances making use of CEL symbols would certainly have a price cut of approximately 20% on all their passion settlement; might it be for cash money or coin loans.
  • CELPAY CASHBACK: By doing CelPay purchases, customers will certainly have the ability to obtain 1-2% in kind cashback on CEL CELPAY purchases monthly.
  • AVAILABILITY: There would certainly be an unique line for CEL Token customers as they’ll be positioning buck finances demands relying on customers that have the highest possible CEL equilibrium and also HODL ratio.
  • PREMIUM SERVICES: With the CEL Token experience, the system will certainly pick and also straight influence the passion you’ve obtained with the purchase done. You will certainly additionally be compensated with advantages such as invite to occasion, consumer assistance hotline and also meet-and-greets with the large employers and also possibly Alex himself. Trendy, right?CEL PAY permits you to obtain fostering.



It’s a very easy means to send out cash to somebody else via crypto.

Celsius Network gives you with a means reduced passion that what you see with your bank card and also banks!Moreover, they do have a finance calculator whereby the Loan-to-Value Ration relies on the security and also rates of interest you can pick. Below’s a fast formula for it. Is it better than Blockfi?



Celsius Network: Final Verdict

It offers you the assurance control of your coins anytime, anywhere.It offers you convenience when it involves finance monitoring which is massive plus for me.After all, studying is crucial for buying this endeavor and also looking by the accounts of the owner and also their counterparts.You can watch their LinkedIn accounts on their internet site. The ordinary individual would certainly have the ability to price this as a computed risk.

Celsius Network’s user interface is great and also straightforward to make use of nonetheless CEL Token’s are not yet energetic and also in use.They do have the ingredients of a Ponzi system on the future nonetheless their reputation outweighs my sound judgment. I can truthfully claim that this is a reputable borrowing system and also once individuals start to place even more confidence with them, the earnings margins for Celsius Network’s customers will certainly provide a large smile on their faces.



What do you think? Are you going to leverage this platform to earn passive income on your crypto? Let us know in the comments below!




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Sugi Card Review (2020) | New NFC Hardware Wallet Contender?

What Is The Sugi Card?


The Sugi wallet is a new type of hardware wallet developed by European fintech company, Sofitto, by the former technical lead of the Mycelium wallet. This is a unique wallet designed for crypto storage, as it is a near field communication (NFC) card hardware wallet protected by a PIN. Like other hardware wallets, the private keys are always kept on the device which lacks any kind on internet connectivity to ensure its security against hacking attempts.

But Sugi allows you to spend and deposit crypto just as easy as you were using a bank card. But unlike other bank cards, Sugi does not have access to your funds in any way. Sugi supports the following cryptos: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and ERC20-based tokens.



How Much Does The Sugi Card Cost?


The company has revealed that it intends to add more cryptocurrencies to the list in the near future. Sugi also mentioned that it plans to incorporate fiat currency functionality by establishing partnerships with banks in Europe. Appearance: The Sugi wallet looks just a regular payment card which has the wallet’s logo imprinted on it. System compatibility The card only works with mobile devices that have the Sugi App installed.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android systems. The Sugi Card wallet is available for purchase in three plans. The Newbie plan enables you to buy the Sugi Card for EUR 59,90. The Pro plan offers ONE Sugi Card which can be personalized by embossing a chosen name or nickname, and it comes at the price of EUR 69,90.

The Expert plan offers two customized Sugi Cards for EUR 119,90.



How Does the Sugi Wallet Work?



The card is used in tandem with the Sugi mobile app, in order to authenticate payments when you tap the card on your mobile device.From this perspective, it is more advantageous than a regular USB hardware wallet, which requires a PC or laptop to be plugged into. And seeing that most of us keep their phones near at all times, it is a convenient way of verifying and managing crypto funds on the go.Its design makes it very easy to use for anyone. Unlike other cards that require a complex and lengthy setup, with Sugi you just need to know how to tap a card and you’re done.


Making payments using the Sugi card In order to make a payment, you have to follow the steps presented below:


  1. Open the app.
  2. Enter your Sugi PIN.
  3. Tap the card to your phone.
  4. Adding cryptocurrency to Sugi wallet to deposit cryptocurrencies into your wallet, you first send them to the Sugi mobile wallet app like any other mobile wallet.
  5. To view your Sugi address, access the app.


How does It compare to the competition? Let’s check it out below!



How safe is Sugi wallet? Sugi implements top notch security which is on par with other hardware wallets, being more secure than a regular mobile wallet.



Who Makes The Sugi Card?



Behind its development are several members from the Mycelium team, a secure bitcoin wallet that was created by the most experienced developers in the cryptocurrency industry, which have been activating since 2009. The keys are stored offline in the PIN-protected card. To make transactions you will need to have both the card and the app. The wallet complies to the highest security standards in the European Union (ISO/IEC 14443). Sugi cards also generate a backup phrase that can be used to restore access to funds if the card is lost or damaged.



The wallet does not actually have access to your funds or keys, but recovers them through a secret sharing scheme.A secret sharing scheme is a system that breaks down information and divides it to multiple parties in a manner in which no single party can access the funds without having all the keys. Summary The Sugi card is an extremely easy to use crypto wallet that incorporates NFC to communicate with your mobile device. It combines the robust security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a mobile wallet, making it perfect for traders that are always on the go but are worried about security.


Sugi Card Review: Final Verdict


The Sugi Hardware Wallet is an extremely easy to use crypto wallet that incorporates NFC to communicate with your mobile device. It combines the robust security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a mobile wallet, making it perfect for traders that are always on the go but are worried about security.

PROS: The only NFC card as a hardware wallet Transactions are authenticated just by tapping the card on the phone In-store payments and ATM withdrawals will be among the future implementations Will feature both fiat and cryptocurrency payments Cards can be customized Lower price compared to other hardware competitors

CONS: While it is less expensive than other wallets, it still is $60 dollars Can be used only on mobile apps, although fiat functionality is not yes incorporated.



What do you think? Are you going to try the Sugi Card to secure your crypto? Let us know down in the comments below!




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Unstoppable Domains Review (2020): The Censorship-Resistant Future Of The Internet

Unstoppable Domains: Get ready for a censorship immune future! Unstoppable domains makes the internet censorship resistant and censorship immune. Instead of relying on centralized services to buy and sell domain names (eg, Namecheap or GoDaddy), Unstoppable domains uses decentralized platforms Ethereum and Zilliqa Blockchain as a neutral 3rd party. This gives registered domains censorship immunity as no government or entity can restrict or remove access to that domain.

To further improve on censorship resistance, it’s possible to host the content on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) a decentralized hosting service where content can not be removed. One of the first uses of Unstoppable Domains is the creation of easy to remember cryptocurrency addresses.

One thing that scares people away from cryptocurrency is the address. A long mixture of letters and numbers almost freezes crypto users whenever they want to send or receive their digital wealth. However this can be simplified with Unstoppable Domains into a “. zil” or “. crypto” domain, such as “bitcoinlockup.crypto” domain for all crypto addresses? How to use Unstoppable domains with IPFS Claim protected brand names on Unstoppable Domains. One name for all your cryptocurrency wallets?


Will Unstoppable Domains be Unstoppable?



Connecting with the Zilliqa Blockchain, Unstoppable or Censorship-resistant Domains.


Although the system worked, memorizing numbers and periods “.” was just too much.To overcome the challenge, the IP address was placed behind the scenes and brought in the Domain Name Service (DNS). The DNS system made it simpler since a human-readable address was provided, and in the background, it was tied to the complicated IP address.

Therefore, an internet user just typed the name, eg,, and the DNS system, having connected with its IP address, eased the way users saw and interacted with the internet. Using the same technique, Unstoppable Domains seeks to put the complex cryptocurrency addresses behind a human-readable name. As such, instead of directly sending cryptos to an address, you use the human-readable name. T

he concept behind Unstoppable Domains is succinctly explained by its CEO, Mather Gould, “We’ve been crypto enthusiasts since 2012 and have believed that crypto payments were too complex to go mainstream. Just like IP addresses were replaced with DNS system, we believe cryptocurrency addresses will be replaced with human-readable names. “. crypto” domain for all crypto addresses? Recently Unstoppable Domains announced the “. crypto” blockchain agnostic domain.


What Is The Cost For Using Unstoppable Domains And How Do I Register My Domain?


The idea behind this domain is to unify cryptocurrency addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ziliqa and more.How to use Unstoppable domains with IPFSUnstoppable domains added the a new feature to work with uncensorable decentralized file hosting service IPFS. This will allow content to be permanently hosted on the internet with full immunity to government or political interference. IPFS hosts files spread across multiple locations in a decentralized fashion, so even if one server is taken down the content will still be accessible.

Claim protected brand names on Unstoppable DomainsTo prevent phishing and domain name stealing, Unstoppable Domains automatically protects brand names like apple.crypto and chrisdunn.crypto. Only verified identities can claim such domain names via the free claim tool: One name for all your cryptocurrency wallets? Unstoppable Domain Management PanelThat’s not all; you will only require one name for all of your wallets.

Yes, just one. And for only $40.



Why Do I Need A .crypto Domain?



You see, Unstoppable Domains is looking for ways of driving crypto adoption. One of those ways is to make sending crypto as simple as sending mail. Therefore, friends can send you Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc., using a single name.

Then, in the background, the technology from Unstoppable Domains routes the different cryptocurrencies to their respective wallets. This even eliminates the need for scanning QR codes since reading them is not 100 percent accurate.Connecting with the Zilliqa Blockchain, Unstoppable Domain’s version of DNS is built on the Zilliqa blockchain. Zilliqa is a scalable smart contract blockchain ecosystem that facilitates the creation of scalable decentralized applications. However, Zilliqa is only providing a platform for Unstoppable Domains to build their blockchain-focused DNS.

This means that the blockchain name service, although built on the Zilliqa platform, supports external cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens, etc. It also supports the use of credit cards.As it is built on the Zilliqa blockchain, the domains will have a “.zil” extension. Unstoppable or Censorship-resistant DomainsApart from helping in the general public easily interact with cryptocurrencies, Unstoppable Domains is keen on providing censorship-resistant domains.With these domains, the owner of the domain name has complete control of the domain and its contents.



Traditional domain assets are stored on your behalf by custodians, for example Google. However a blockchain domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet which only you control. Therefore, no company, law enforcement or even Unstoppable Domains themselves can take it from you.It does not end there. The information used to register your domain remains private; you can choose not to give any personal information.

This means that it is hard to track an individual using the data provided. Also, the content provided on the website can not be censored by a third party; you are in full control.Will Unstoppable Domains be Unstoppable? Unstoppable Domains are setting up for a challenging journey which will see cryptocurrency being adopted by more people. Additionally, with censorship-resistant websites, the control is finally given back to the people.Unstoppable Domains certainly has the firepower to become unstoppable.

They have recently announced that it secured US$ 4 million in funding in Series A led by Draper Associates and Boost VC. They have also received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation.



Unstoppable Domains Final  Verdict:

Unstoppable Domains has been working on its technology since 2017. They are software development company utilizing blockchain technology to give power back to the people and to ease the way people and cryptocurrencies interact. To enhance the interaction, Unstoppable Domains has borrowed some ideas from the internet both at current age and during its early days. For example, during the early days of the internet, users had to cram IP addresses, which were the only way to send messages from one person to the other.

I just registered my domain (bitcoinlockup.crypto) and I plan on getting more. It doesn’t have any annual fee, and you can simplify your wallet address so people can easily send it to you (when you have a software wallet). Overall, this concept of the decentralized web is not an “if”, but “when”. I look forward to the day when ever part of our lives can be decentralized and all of our freedom is restored. Most importantly, our money. This is what bitcoin aims to solve.



I recommend you grab your .crypto domain sooner rather than later, as there will be an obvious land rush when people realize how important this is and as more and more of our freedom of speech is being stripped away. Make sure to register using the link below for the best possible price!



What do you think? Are you going to grab your .crypto domain? Let us know down below in the comments!




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FOLD App Review | How To Earn Free Sats Back In 2020

In this Fold App Review, I am going to discuss why this free app is a good way to start accumulating free bitcoin and start “stacking sats” as they say. I’m always looking for new ways to start accumulating more bitcoin and finding real world use cases where I can do so, outside fo buying it directly from an exchange.

This is primarily targeted for mobile use (using their iOS and Android app) for using this. If you want to learn about ways to earn free bitcoin while shopping on a desktop computer, then I would check out my full review of Lolli App, HERE.

I am going to touch on some of the basics of how much you can earn with it, how it works, who it’s really designed for, and my overall feelings of if it’s actually worth using. If that is what you’re looking for, then look no further!

Who Is The Fold App Intended For?


If you frequently make purchases with Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Target, and Sephora (to name a few), then this app is for you. This app allows you purchase discounted gift cards, as well as earn free bitcoin (satoshis) for each purchase that you make. Once the order goes through, it’s credited to your bitcoin wallet within the app almost immediately.

This is designed not only to save you money on what you are already spending, but allows you to earn free bitcoin rewards for doing so. If you’re already spending at these places, why not get free bitcoin for doing it, right?

In the app, you can always see which vendors have offers and they are adding more all the time. Additionally, the discount your receive varies for each vendor. For example, Airbnb will give you 3% cash (bitcoin) back, but L.L. Bean will give you 10% back. The app is constantly updating to offer you the best deals.

How Does The Fold App Work?



This works for both online and physical locations. Since it’s gift card based, once you make a purchase in the app, it will generate a gift card and a bar code on your screen, for the cashier to scan and use directly.

This will also provide a “gift card code” for you to enter at on-line checkout and you can mix and match between buying online and in store as much as you want with no penalties or fees.

I will break it down step by step below on how to set this up and how it works in a few simple steps.


NOTE: You will receive the bitcoin rewards for the amount of gift card purchased, not the actual products you buy with them.


  • Load a gift card you buy with Bitcoin on the Fold app, to your account

  • Use that gift card at select retailers and restaurants by using the barcode or the number beneath it.

  • You can make online purchases with your Fold gift card or you can purchase at physical locations

  • At physical locations, all you need is to scan the bar code from the app on your phone at the cash register

  • Every purchase you make with the gift cards that you have on your Fold app will credit you with Bitcoin cashback

  • The amount of Bitcoin cashback you get on any purchase depends on the individual retailer or restaurant


Is The Fold App Worth Using?


If you are looking to start dipping your toe into cryptocurrency and you’re not quite ready to buy it directly yet, then this is for you! This is a seamless way for you to spend your normal fiat currency and start earning bitcoin back on direct gift card purchases.

This is also good for sending gifts directly, so whether it’s the holidays and you want to send a gift via email (or Twitter) you can earn bitcoin to your wallet for doing so. This can be used for any occasion as well, not just for gifting.

For the avid crypto users, they are also implementing lightning payments this year as well, so you’ll receive even more discounts if you decide to grow the crypto-economy by paying with crypto, instead of using a debit/credit card as well. More on that as it develops…

So, is the Fold App worth using? I would definitely say yes. Especially if you spend frequently at these places anyways and purchases exceed at least 15$ in most cases, then there is no downside here, only upside.

What do you think? Would you use the Fold App for free bitcoin? Let us know down below in the comments!




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CoinMine One Review (2020) – Is It Worth Buying? My Experience After 3 Months

In this Coinmine One review, I am going to talk about my experience with not only the user experience in the last few months, but if I think it’s a viable option for crypto mining, so stay tuned for the whole article to get my scoop.

I recently wrote an in-depth article before I received the device outlining the features and selling points I perceived it to have and I still hold true to those beliefs, but there are also some changes after actually using the device that I didn’t take into consideration. It’s a good read and it can be found HERE.

But in this article, I want to focus in on specifically who this device is for? Is it what I expected? And ultimately, if I think it was worth the price of the device (Which you can receive a special discount on below if you are interested).


Who Is the CoinMine One Intended For?


This at-home crypto miner is designed for the new user to crypto that wants to start participating into mining, without having the learn all the technical intricacies that go along with it.

For instance, when I first unboxed the device and plugged it in for the first time, all I did was download the app, scan the QR code that came in the box to connect it, and within 2 minutes I was mining my first cryptocurrency.

.It was stupidly easy to setup and very easy to figure out. You can mine up to 6 different coins currently ( ZCash, Monero, Grin, Ethereum, Handshake, and Bitcoin) and can switch between them whenever you want all within the app.

Additionally, you can choose “Bitcoin” mode that will mine the most profitable coin on the app and automatically convert it on the backend into your bitcoin wallet if all you want is bitcoin at the end of the day. This is makes it easy to set it and forget it and will automatically utilize the device in the most efficient way to get bitcoin into your wallet, even though you aren’t “mining” it directly.


Is The CoinMine One Device What I Expected?


Overall, I came into this purchase understanding that this wasn’t going to be the most profitable way to mine cryptocurrency. For me, I knew this device would be easy to use, require no maintenance, and I could literally set it and forget it.

Additionally, since I’ve received the device, they’ve added a free feature that allows you to compound interest by leaving your funds in the wallet they provide you by 6.5% per month. This is a free service that is a win-win for accruing your funds faster.

Now, you can transfer your earned funds into your own wallet, once you hit the minimum withdrawal amount, but I personally don’t because I like to utilize a portion of my crypto to earn interest and have it go to work for me.

I also want to point out that this device is super quiet and does not generate almost any heat, like most mining rigs do. This is quieter and sleeker than a playstation and takes less power too. This can easily go in every kitchen, office, or bedroom (if you want a nightlight), without causing a disruption.

If your goal is to participate in mining and earn passive income without: tons of work, research, loud noises, and excessive cooling and electricity costs, you won’t be disappointed.


Is The CoinMine One Worth The Price Of $799?


At their normal price of $799, it can seem a little steep, but it will eventually pay off, because cryptocurrency is still very early.

Luckily for you, I have a special referral code for my readers so they can utilize my specific Coinmine One discount code. All you need to do is click HERE and enter code “BITCOINLOCKUP” at checkout to drop the price to only $649.99, saving you some money right away.

This is the best discount they offer, so I wouldn’t expect to find it cheaper anywhere else. At this price, it’s definitely worth it and it’s been nothing but a positive experience and with the compound interest option automatically applied, you’ll recoup your initial investment sooner than you think. There is no longer a reason to wait!

CoinMine One Conclusion


Overall, Is this device the most efficient way to mine cryptocurrency? No. Is this the path to the most profitability to participate in cryptocurrency mining? No. So why would I do it?

This is designed for people that are new to the ecosystem that want to participate in securing the network of the coin they want to support and allows them to do it easily and safely without ANY technical knowledge required. It takes more skill to setup a playstation than it does with this device.

You can use the calculator on the site to see how long it could take to break even or become profitable, but you shouldn’t expect a return within the first year. Now, it is possible to become profitable much quicker, but that ultimately depend on the overall market and price of the coin you are mining.

So, is it worth the price? That honestly depends, for me this wasn’t strictly about profitability but finding a non-technical way to quickly and easily immerse myself into the ecosystem and be apart of something better!


What do you think? Would you buy the CoinMine One? Let us know down below in the comments!




The Crypto Renegade


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