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Ellipal Mnemonic Metal Review (2020) | BEST Crypto Backup? [$49]

How well is the Ellipal Mnemonic Metal compared to the Cobo Tablet, or Cryptosteel? Or Bill Fodl? Why do I need it? Is there a better solution for backing up your mnemonic phrase? We are going to address all of these questions and more to determine why you might need this indestructible piece of glorious metal.

We are starting to see a bunch of metal recovery seed backup devices these days ranging in price anywhere from $39-$229 per device with different features, different types of metal, and different application methods. I am always a strong believer in the free market, which naturally produces better quality products at more affordable prices.

Additionally, healthy competition and we as the consumer see the benefits by seeing multiple options and multiple companies trying to earn our business. Perhaps our government would learn something from this if they didn’t have so much power, where it didn’t require this, but I digress.

I recently wrote an article comparing this device to the closest competitor in the metal recovery seed backup market, and this is the Cobo Tablet. You can check out that review HERE.

But, without further ado, let’s get into the details of the Ellipal Mnemonic Metal device and my experience with using it. Let’s go!



Ellipal Mnemonic – What’s In The Box?



This is one of those products where everything you need for assembly is included into the box. You need any batteries, tools, or any additional items. Like it’s competitors, this has a high quality set of lettering needed for this device and you don’t have to sort through a box of loose tiles that may not all be the same size. The presentation is actually very nice. Here’s what comes in the box:

  • Ellipal Mnemonic Metal Device
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • User Instruction Card
  • Letter Tiles Boards

I will say, in comparison to the other recovery seed backup devices I’ve reviewed, I will say the tiles are fairly thin in this device and seems like it’s using a cheaper kind of material that is more of an aluminum coating. Additionally, it appears that the actually lettering is printed on, and I have yet to test this for water and fire testing (which it is rated to fully withstand). I look forward to conducting that test in the next few days!



Design & Setup



As I touched on above, the design is  fairly different then you see in the Bill Fodl, Cobo Tablet, or even CryptoTag. With this design, it actually is folded in half in a sandwich type design with a hole built in for using a padlock to keep it securely closed, or even a zip-tie if you are transporting it or just don’t want the average person to flip it open. It also appears to be magnetic, so when you open and close the device it has some traction.

Additionally, you don’t have to slide in tiles into a slot and tipping downwards so gravity will push it all the way down, which is nice. It basically just has a plate that you unscrew and then place the tiles in the exact slot with the first 4 letters of your recovery word (that’s all you need with a BIP39 compatible wallet), and then once they are in place, you simply screw the face plate on once you’re done, so it’s a fairly painless process.

I got this device when I got the Ellipal Titan (New in-depth review coming soon) and when I tested this device with that wallet, it defaults to a 12-word recovery phrase. As a result, the installation and setup process was fairly quick and easy. The longest process here is actually punching out the tiles from the multiple sheets with the letters. In fact, I recommend before you even unscrew your plates that you locate your seed, punch out the tiles you need for the first 4 letters of each word, and THEN put them in place.




Who Is This Product For?



This product is for literally anyone that has a hot or cold wallet that holds more than $49 worth of any cryptocurrency. Ultimately, everyone who holds crypto or plans to hold crypto, whether it’s short or long term needs a metal recovery seed backup. Why? Well, your recovery seed is the backup to your backup. Without it, you can’t get your coins back if you lose your hardware device or lose access for any reason on your software wallet.

If you own a hardware wallet, such as Ledger, Trezor, KeepKey, or even a mobile wallet that you get for free, this device can support ANY BIP39 compatible wallet that has either 12, 18, or 24 seed words and really is a necessity for any cryptocurrency “HODLer”

Because this usually comes on a piece of paper, you need a more solid backup to your crypto fortune. Ask yourself, what happens if there is a flood? What about a fire? What if it gets shredded, torn, or becomes otherwise indiscernable? It seems fairly obvious for the reason this type of product exists, however, most people fall into the all but too common trap of “Ohh, this won’t happen to me.” Think again. Are you willing to risk it? Is $49 too high of a price for an insurance policy on your entire crypto bankroll? I wouldn’t.




Ellipal Mnemonic Metal – Conclusion


Overall, this is a very solid metal recovery seed backup solution. It’s in the lower end of the market pricing of it’s competitors, it’s simple to setup and use within 15 minutes or less, and it’s got a different form factor than that of the Bill Fodl or even the Cobo Tablet. Although this is not the cheapest metal recovery seed backup option, it comes very close. In fact, right now, you can get one for only $29 when you buy it with the Ellipal Titan Cold Wallet for $169, bringing the total to only $198 when you buy both.

Still, this is very different than the higher end devices, like the CryptoTag, which you can check out the full review of HERE for comparison. The CryptoTag is a VERY nice device, but it is a high-end very premium device that you literally hammer your seed phrase into a titanium tablet and has gone through much more rigorous testing. Having said that, it shows in the price that you cannot get better quality than that device (at least as of this writing).

However, this device is easy to use, quick to setup, and is just as durable as any of the competitors in it’s price range at only $49, or $29 when you get with the Ellipal Titan for a limited time.

Every single crypto holder needs this kind of device, and if you want to be safe and responsible with your crypto, but still want it to be affordable, then this is a very solid choice and has decent quality as well.




What do you think? Do you currently have a metal recovery seed backup for your software/hardware wallets? Let me know in the comments below!




The Crypto Renegade


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CRYPTOTAG Review (2020) | Best Indestructible Recovery Seed Backup?

In this review, I am going to go over the titanium recovery seed backup called CRYPTOTAG. This device is very unique to say the least. There are other comparable products currently on the market, but this one is different. I will tell a brief story I may have gone over in other reviews, but it’s extremely relevant as to why these indestructible devices were created. A few years back, one of my friends was fortunate enough to have a hardware wallet that was holding private keys to a hefty sum.

When it came time for him to move, he was looking for his recovery seed phrase and had asked his girlfriend where she may have put it, and incidentally, it was put in a bag with some toiletries and was in a small plastic bag that was partly open. This was in a larger bag where a shampoo bottle had spilled and leaked all over the large bag and smothered his recovery seed card with his 24 word phrase. Needless to say, the oils of the shampoo had removed the ink and his paper recovery seed phrase was destroyed and indiscernible.

To make matters worse, he eventually forgot his pin on his Trezor wallet and was completely out of luck. I tell this cautionary tale as a way of reinforcing that this device has a serious need and is a small price to pay to protect yourself if any unfortunate event like this were to happen to you. People’s homes get flooded or burned down all the time, and you do NOT want to lose your life savings in the event that you fall victim to this.

As a side note, I recently wrote a free e-book that outlines the “5 Best Ways To Secure Your Cryptocurrency” and I highly recommend you go to the home page and click the orange button to get your free copy! Now, onto this review of the CRYPTOTAG premium device. Do I really need one even if I’m careful? Let’s find out below.



CRYPTOTAG: What’s In The Box?



-2 Titanium Plates (96 Letters Per Plate)

-26 Letter Bits

-An Anvil

-A Bit Holder

-Ear Plugs

-Matches To Burn Your Paper Backup When Finished!


As you can see in the picture, the packaging is beautifully done and contains everything you need for engraving your recovery seed phrases into the plates itself. It’s a unique experience as the assembly or installation process is quite different from using a CryptoSteel or Bill Fodl, but in my opinion way more enjoyable. I will elaborate on this process below.


Design & Setup


This is device is the strongest plate I’ve personally ever seen. It even says during the testing phase that it was tested with a semi-automatic weapon firing at bullet at it, and it still not puncturing the device. This product can literally stop a bullet. Additionally, it has been tested with extreme heat at over 1665 degrees celsius. It can also handle extreme cold, and does not crack or falter under extreme pressure or ice. It also goes without saying that it does not rust or is subject to any level of corrosion.

Setup – When you open the box, you will see everything evenly laid out with a set of instructions and your 2 plates with a clip to hold them together. The hammer is very hefty and is specifically designed for this personal engraving process and has a texture that is designed to make sure it doesn’t slip and overlay your letter you begin hammering. My experience was that I had to very vigorously slam the hammer down on the bits for engraving about 5-6 times to ensure that it made a deep enough engraving on the titanium plate.

Design – The outside of the CRYPTOTAG proudly displays the products’ logo and name — which looks cool but makes the sensitive ‘document’ less discrete. Should it ever catch the eyes of a potential thief, he or she would have little doubt as to what kind of information the sheet holds. (Even if someone has no idea what a recovery seed is, most people know that “crypto” means money.)

Of course, a wise person would never leave a CRYPTOTAG in sight — just as one would never leave their gold coins or valuables lying around. Still, a little more discretion would’ve been preferred.

Aside from that, there is very little to fault with the CRYPTOTAG, which we find to be the best storage solution for your private keys and recovery seed backup available on the market.


Who Is This for?

This is for ANY cryptocurrency holder who has more crypto than they can afford to lose. Ultimately, this is the best form of an insurance policy in becoming your own bank, as it cannot be destroyed under any conditions. Having this device in conjunction with a hardware wallet is the best combination of security and ease of use. This is the backup to your backup recovery seed phrase that you have on paper, and without this phrase being kept in a secure location, you put your entire wallet at risk.

In this new era of “Becoming your own bank“, that also comes with a new responsibility of being a banker that put safeguards in place to protect you in the event of an unforseen event. This is by FAR the best way to ensure that your recovery seed is safe and cannot be destroyed. I recommend that ANYONE that has more cryptocurrency than they can afford to lose, should have one of these. After all, if you lose your hardware wallet AND you lose this, you are completely out of luck and have no one to blame but yourself.



CryptoTAG Vs. CryptoSteel Vs. Bill Fodl


So, as you can see, this is a pretty unique device. However, you may be wondering, “How does it compare to the CryptoSteel or Bill Fodl”? Well, the latter 2 devices are very simillar. I will leave the in depth review for each of those respectively HERE and HERE. The CryptoSteel and Bill Fodl use tiles that are already pre-made with certain letters and require you to slide them into place and requires unscrewing some levers that allow you to slide them into place in the proper order.

There is no hammer, no pounding, no engraving, and as a result….No fun when setting it up.

Going through the process of hammering my crypto legacy into place was really satisfying for me as I take my crypto holdings very seriously, as well as the security of my private keys. Yes, the CRYPTOTAG is a much more expensive device (almost twice as much as these 2 competitors), but also has a superior quality in terms of manufacturing, materials used, and the overall presentation. This device is not for everyone, but if you take as much pride as me with my cryptocurrency, there is no more satisfying way to protect your keys than the CRYPTOTAG.



Overall, this device is probably the nicest version of a recovery seed backup you can find. The titanium is completely indestructible and can withstand even the harshest elements and has been thoroughly tested under every condition imaginable. As detailed above, it is a bit more expensive than the CryptoSteel or Bill Fodl, but it also is much nicer quality, and has a MUCH better user experience. Being able to “forge” your own seed into metal is a really fun experience and really connects your digital world with your physical world.

The one downside, which may have been mentioned in other reviews is, if you make a mistake on a letter, you will need to buy a new plate. Whereas, the other 2 devices you can simply just replace or slide out a tile with a new one if something changes. This makes those devices re-usable, whereas this one is literally written in titanium and cannot be changed. However, if you take your time and “measure twice and cut once” (so to speak), this proves to be a much sleeker and overall “better product” If you can comfortably afford the 169 Euros price tag for the starter kit.

You will not be disappointed. Additionally, if you have multiple wallets and need to expand, you can also get an expansion kit with new plates as needed, since you will be able to use the same hammer and stampers.

Bottomline: If you have the means and want to protect your seed phrase in the sexiest way possible, then CRYPTOTAG is your absolute BEST option. Hands down.



What do you guys think? Have you used a metal recovery seed backup before? Let me know down in the comments!




The Crypto Renegade


NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. This adds no cost to you but it helps me focus on giving as much value as possible in every single post by being compensated for recommending products that help people succeed.

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